3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. USF

Billy has your 3 up, 3 down for SMU's win over USF tonight.

3 Up

1. Markus Kennedy

The big man took 26 minutes of game time to miss from the floor and finished with 22 points, seven rebounds and two assists against the under-manned forwards for USF. USF lost Chris Perry before the game and SMU exploited that with Kennedy and Yanick Moreira teaming up for 34 of SMU’s 63 points.

2. Yanick Moreira

Speaking of Yanick Moreira, Moreira finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds and allowed SMU to outrebound USF 38-33. While SMU struggled at times with Jeleel Cousins at times, Moreira had another steady performance for SMU. The only downside was Moreira’s four fouls, but if SMU can get this night out of Moreira every night, SMU will be fine.

3. Taking care of the ball

While SMU looked out of sorts early and never as comfortable as seen against Tulane, the team turned the ball over just 12 times and had 16 assists. The ball movement was superb for SMU towards the end of the game including while breaking the press to hold on for the win.

3 Down

1. Free Throws

This game wouldn’t have been close if SMU connected on their free throws. The team left seven points on the court on the road against a pesky Bulls squad. Can’t do that anywhere, but especially on the road. Manuel and Moreira went 5-for-10 between the two of them.

2. Second Chance Points

Too many times did Cousins grab the rebound and fight off two Mustangs to put the ball back. Cousins wasn’t really thought of as a legit scoring option, but he exploded against SMU for 10 rebounds and six points. If Cousins could knock down a free throw…

3. Moore and Brown

I’m combining Ben Moore and Sterling Brown because the pair didn’t have an atrocious game by any means. The pair combined for eight points and seven rebounds, but made just one field goal between the two. Moore saw Cannen Cunningham get some quality minutes in the first half before Kennedy and Moreira took over in the second half.

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