Upon Further Review: USF

Demetrio delves into SMU F Markus Kennedy's near perfect performance vs. USF in his "Upon Further Review."

I want to be extremely clear. What you are about to read is filled with a bunch of quotes that no one actually said. Well someone said them. And bonus points to you if you can guess where they are from. Again, no one from the SMU basketball program actually said these things.

It’s not how many classes you almost fail, but how you play on the court that defines you as an athlete. Sometimes you either graduate a hero, or stay enrolled long enough to…still be a hero.

Markus Kennedy destroyed USF on Wednesday night- posting a career high 22 points, while SMU defeated the Bulls 63-52.

Kennedy is the athlete the Hilltop deserves. He is also the athlete it needs right now.

Remember when he was sitting out during the Fall semester and we lost to Gonzaga and Indiana. The team turned to Kennedy and said, “We are losing games, Markus. What would you have us do?” and he simply replied, “Endure, my fellow Mustangs. Take it.” And take it they did. And they kept pushing forward.

Then he returned to the team, but strife and disappointment fell on them off the court. Markus looked at the team and said, “When the conference is ours, you have my permission to die.”

And everyone was like, “die?”

So Markus said, “I meant quit- then you have my permission to quit…because then the season’s over.”

They said, “MK, we aren’t playing. This is serious. What are we going to do?”

And he said,” The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”

They looked at each other and said, “What the hell is he talking about?”

But then conference play began and things started rolling. SMU began conference play with an 8-1 record and won 15 of their last 16 games.

Meanwhile from the bench, Larry Brown was overheard telling Keith Frazier, “You are as precious to me as you were to your own mother and father. I swore to them that I would protect you, and I haven’t.”

Keith just looked at him and said, “Pause- c’mon bruh, chill.”

And no one from the local media outlets could figure out how Brown managed to keep the team afloat despite all the setbacks that seemed to hit his team all at once.

When questioned, he offered this explanation: “Score points, rebound, and don’t throw the ball to the other players…who knows, Patrick? Maybe by pretending to play basketball, we won some games by accident.”

They won a lot of games, some by accident, and others by talent, and other still by tremendous individual athletic performances.

I said a couple times already, but Kennedy’s return changed the attitude of this team. Granted not all of their competition over this stretch of wins has been overly impressive, but the stretch of wins is.

At some point you think they’d have to have a hiccup or two, but the just keep mowing down opposing teams and they seem to be getting better at it with every game.

However, Tulsa is still undefeated in conference play and is in control of the AAC with an 8-0 record since SMU is 8-1. With every win Tulsa yells, “We are in charge!”

Kennedy says, “Do you feel in charge?”

“We have a better record,” Tulsa says.

“And this gives you power over me?”

“What is this?”

“Your record and conference standing was important…until now.”

Then against USF we saw something quite amazing from Kennedy. He took a step back, outside the three-point line and drained the shot.

Can you imagine how dangerous Kennedy will be moving forward if he continues to hit shots from farther out, more consistently? Now you are talking about a truly gifted low post scorer that can moonlight as a stretch four.

As he jogged over to the other side of the court, USF head coach Orlando Antigua said, “what are you?”

To which Kennedy replied. “I am the AAC’s reckoning.”

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