1/29 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts was at SMU hoops practice and his notebook includes Q&As with SMU forwards Markus Kennedy and Yanick Moreira.

SMU F Yanick Moreira Q&A

SMU F Markus Kennedy Q&A

Help Defense

Coach Tim Jankovich had the team work on defending the pick and roll, as well as, on help defense. In defending the pick and roll, coach Jankovich was trying to get the man hedging to stay a little lower but still show his hands instead of being too aggressive and getting beat. Help defense was also a big priority with coach Jankovich getting on guys to call for help if you know that you are late getting out to a shooter rather than trying to catch up and give up a shot.

Late Game Situations

The team worked a lot on late game situations where the focus was on burning clock. Coach Jankovich urged everyone to spread out more and take their time instead of panicking and throwing the ball away after two seconds. He also wanted to get players closer to half court where it would force the defense to cover more ground. After this, they worked on some sets they could use in the half court to close out games.


While working on late game situations, turnovers were a huge problem. At one point the team had a stretch of five consecutive turnovers. Coach Jankovich pointed out to the players that turnovers are the one thing everyone brings up when talking about SMU and to remember this and start taking care of the ball. Turnovers ended up being one of the biggest reasons this would be considered one of the sloppiest practices they’ve had in a while.

Markus Kennedy

Coming off last night’s great performance, Kennedy was ready to get back to work today. Kennedy was getting on his teammates about the quality of the practice and to pick it up. Kennedy was also frustrated with all the turnovers that happened throughout practice. After practice, free throw shooting was a focus for him, as he stuck around to get some work in with coach Lynch on that and his jump shot overall..

Practice Quick Hits

— Coach Brown was not at practice today as he was out recruiting.

Keith Frazier did participate in practice.

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