2/2 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts was at SMU hoops practice today and has your notebook with Q&As with Larry Brown, Ben Moore and Ryan Manuel.

SMU coach Larry Brown Q&A

SMU F Ben Moore Q&A

SMU G Ryan Manuel Q&A

On UCF Win and Continuing the momentum: I think it was just a good win for us, we have a big week this week with Cincinnati and Tulsa so it was just trying to get a win and not overlook the opponent and I think we did that with UCF.

On Importance of Focusing on Cincinnati: I think its very important, we lost to Cincinnati our first game in conference, so I think its just focusing on doing what we need to do to beat Cincinnati and take it game by game and one game at a time.

Difficulty of Cincinnati: It’s just they play hard, that’s the thing about Cincinnati, they’re a rugged team and they play hard defense, try to pressure the ball and compete the whole game so I think we just have to stay poised on Thursday and just continue doing the things we’ve done lately to get a win.

On if Saturday’s Game can get Emelogu going: I hope it is the game that gets him going, coach Brown has been really hard on him lately and I think the results showed on Saturday, hopefully he just keeps doing what he’s doing to help us win games, we just need everybody to help step up and win games.

What has changed since coach Brown got to SMU: Every aspect of SMU has changed, the social aspect of SMU now everybody is more focused on basketball, you walk around campus and just people know who you are and I think that’s just what makes it a fun place to be, I mean my first year here it wasn’t that great but now we have one of the best arenas in the country so its just changed the whole culture of our basketball program, the coaching has gotten better, the players have gotten better, those are the things that just upgraded our school and also our basketball program.

Things that you miss about Houston: It’s mainly just home, that’s where I was born, that’s where I’m from, that’s really the main thing about it, Dallas it’s a nice city, I prefer Houston.

On the Adjustment: It wasn’t really an adjustment, I just think it was being away from home, I don’t really want to go too far from my mom since I’m a mommas boy.

On if he goes back to Houston to Visit: I don’t really go back to Houston, last time I went back to Houston was for Christmas break but after the season I’ll probably go back some more.

Inbounds Plays

Coach Brown had the team work on a series of inbounds plays from both the sideline and baseline. Coach Brown was urging his guys to read the play and just react if the play was not designed to get you open. Overall the drill went smoothly however it was against no defense.


There was a whole lot of shooting done at practice today and from a variety of situations. One of the guys to shoot it well was Ben Emelogu while Nic Moore and Sterling Brown struggled. Emelogu made a couple threes from the corner on Saturday night and that was where he went again today although he also made a couple rolling to the top of the free throw line. Coach Brown praised him throughout practice for getting to the right spots.

Ben Emelogu

After all the times it’s been written that Ben Emelogu has looked unsure in practice, today was the complete opposite. Emelogu shot the ball well and appeared to rise up and shoot without any hesitation. When he missed, he still seemed to be just as confident. For Emelogu, everything was done at a quicker and more confident pace today.

Practice Quick Hits

Markus Kennedy and Nic Moore were late to practice due to class.

— Practice started after an hour long film session.

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