Chris Biggurs commits to SMU!

Coppell 2015 defensive tackle Chris Biggurs has committed to SMU! The full story is right here!

Coppell defensive tackle Chris Biggurs has been in constant contact with SMU defensive coordinator Van Malone since he took the job at SMU.

Today, Malone offered Biggurs and he committed to the Mustangs tonight.

"I went up there yesterday with him and coach Wyatt and they said they really like me and they're going to have a meeting with coach Morris, look at my transcript and this morning, they offered me the scholarship. A couple hours ago, I talked to coach Morris and made it all official."

Malone and Biggurs' dad, Charlie, grew up together so it was great to build that relationship and for the two friends

"It's a pretty good one. Him and my dad, they grew up together so I've known him for a while now. I'm excited to play for him," Biggurs said. "He was excited to get to see him again and to talk.

While Biggurs has only met defensive line coach Buddy Wyatt once, he did talk about his conversation with SMU head coach Chad Morris.

"He was excited for me to come and make an impact and help the team win games," Biggurs said. "He's excited about the class we're putting together and going to sign on Wednesday to help push the program in the right direction and get this thing right pretty soon."

Morris coming to SMU kind of surprised Biggurs, but that reinforced his commitment to his vision on The Hilltop.

"I was pretty surprised because he had a good thing going down at Clemson. He's really excited about getting everything going and winning games. That's what we kind of talked about tonight."

Biggurs picked SMU over the likes of Rice, Texas State, Iowa State and Nevada and that home feeling just wasn't there with the others.

"I didn't really feel at home and I really liked Rice, but with the other offers, I just didn't have the right feeling about them," Biggurs said. "After this weekend with meeting with the coaches at SMU and praying about it, I had the right feeling about this that this is where the Lord wanted me to be."

The best part about Biggurs' visit to SMU was the energy everyone brought to the program.

"The energy. Those guys are working hard and they're excited. They believe that they're going to go ahead and put SMU back on the map. They're ready to go."

Biggurs liked SMU's campus because of its size and feel he got for it on his visit.

"I liked it. Everything was pretty close and it was a private school so I liked that."

The staff expects to use Biggurs at defensive tackle, but Biggurs is versatile enough to be moved around.

"I just reiterated to them that I can play anything that they need me to be. I don't really know yet though we'll have to talk about it more."

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