FREE: 2/3 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU hoops practice and heard from Larry Brown and Sterling Brown plus took notes!

SMU HC Larry Brown Q&A

SMU G Sterling Brown Q&A


Nic Moore didn’t have his hand taped, but his shots weren’t falling. He continues to play hard and pass the ball well, and his form looks fine, but something seems off given his recent cold streak.


All of the early practice work was focused on getting the ball in the paint, which makes sense since SMU had over 40 points in the paint against UCF. Fitting that theme, the team did a box-out drill that focused on opening up to receive a pass under the hoop. Coach Brown wanted the offensive players to practice positioning on the block. During five-on-five work, Coach Brown heaped praises on a play that ended on a Jordan Tolbert alley-oop because it was executed to perfection, especially the screen Tolbert set before coming off it. Coach Brown also said to attack whenever a defender has his back to the ball handler.


Coach Brown stressed the team needs to always think to make passes to start plays instead of just to finish them. Coach Brown complimented the screens on several plays, but he also let the team know it when someone didn’t pass“downhill.”

Practice Quick Hits

— The entire football staff was at practice today.

— Nic Moore was not wearing a splint or tape on his hand like he previously did. Ben Emelogu had his usual shooting hand fingers taped.

Markus Kennedy and Ben Moore both shot some mid-ranged jumpers, and they were falling.

Cannen Cunningham took a rare three-pointer and air balled it, and he had a man open close to the hoop.

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