Roundtable: Most Important SMU Signee

The Pony Stampede staff debates (or do they?) the most important signee in the SMU class!

Billy Embody: Ben Hicks

An Elite 11 finalist, who spurned Houston to pick SMU and enrolled in January. Could that be any better? Hicks did an incredible job landing most of the skill players in this class too. I will take this time to say that Xavier Castille will likely lead SMU in all-purpose yardage this season. The staff is going to line him up all over the field and utilize his big play ability to right the offense quickly. Now on with the love affair with Ben Hicks....

Scott Sanford: Ben Hicks

Ben Hicks is the most important signee of this class for a couple of reasons. One, it proved that SMU could compete with other Texas schools like Texas Tech, Baylor and Houston for some of the better players in the state. Second, with the signing of a legitimate passer, targets like Kevin Thomas, Alex Honey and Xavier Castille followed because they obviously feel confident Hicks can get them the ball consistently. Hicks is now Morris’ guy, and you can bet Morris will do what he can to get him ready as quickly as he can to take over the starting job as early as this fall.

Patrick Engel: Ben Hicks

I’m going with Ben Hicks for a number of reasons. First, Chad Morris wasted no time getting a quarterback he likes and who fits his system almost perfectly. Hicks has great footwork and a great release, and he’s an underrated runner with good feet. All of those are necessary to succeed in Morris’ offense. Second, Morris proved he wanted to go toe-to-toe with the best when he landed Hicks. Hicks flipped his commitment from Houston and chose SMU over Texas Tech, which offered him and made an aggressive push. He is also a Tech legacy. Third, Hicks is already on campus and will have even more time to learn the offense and adjust to college life. But more importantly, he has been on campus to help recruit others to the Hilltop. I believe he was instrumental in getting receivers Xavier Castille and Kevin Thomas to pony up. Hicks could start next year with an impressive showing in spring and summer ball. SMU needs quarterback stability after starting four different players there last year.

Demetrio Teniente: Ben Hicks

Ben Hicks, no question. I like Matt Davis and what he brings, but I didn’t see enough from him last season to suggest he is going to be our ticket to any big stages anytime soon. You got to have a quarterback, otherwise what else do you have. All that being said, I think James Proche is the real MVP. He was already all in back when June was still here and then he helped bring a couple bigger names into this class. I think he is going to be big for the program, and he is already helping his team get the best start they possibly can in February.

Andrew Hattersley: Ben Hicks

This may have been the biggest negative of this team last season until Davis stepped in and did a solid job at the end. To pick up a strong armed quarterback like Hicks will prove to be huge for this team going forward. There is a lot to like about Hicks footwork, arm strength and even his mobility. The biggest question mark going forward for Hicks is his decision making which will come with time. It is going to be key for Hicks that he gets this set of spring practices to get comfortable and compete with Davis for the starting job. Nonetheless, without a good quarterback this team was not going to show drastic improvement and in Hicks they have a dependable quarterback going forward that should have fans excited.

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