Roundtable: Most Underrated SMU Signee

The Pony Stampede staff debates the most underrated signees in the SMU class!

Billy Embody: Rodney Clemons

Rodney Clemons (pictured above). This is a kid, made first-team all-district and second-team all-state, but SMU was able to come in and scoop him up. Clemons, who played receiver in high school, only grabbed offers from New Mexico and Maryland. There’s no doubt in my mind he should have double-digit offers. He’s a playmaker and SMU is lucky to have him.

Scott Sanford: Josh Williams

June Jones never made finding a quality kicker a top priority, but Chad Morris pulled in a significant addition with the commitment of Josh Williams. Williams showed in high school that he has a leg by hitting both 50 and 54-yard field goals his senior year, while also sustaining his accuracy by missing just one extra point throughout his high school career. Williams also had 25 touchbacks just last season, so having a kicker that Morris can rely on will help make his decisions easier when it comes to fourth down inside the 40-yard line.

Patrick Engel: Alex Honey

I really like both Alex Honey and Xavier Jones, but I’ll pick Honey because of his athleticism and towering frame. Honey was only Scout’s 187th-ranked wide receiver, but he has some of the longest strides I’ve seen, and his flexibility and catch radius are outstanding. His long strides make up for his lack of elite speed. He should be a primary boundary player and red zone threat next year for SMU. Think of the few times that Courtland Sutton took the field for SMU last season, and extrapolate it over a full season. That’s how I envision Honey’s freshman season. (Of course, Sutton will be a factor too). Honey isn’t the crispest route-runner, but his game and how he was used in high school reminds me a little of Alshon Jeffery. In two or three years, he could be a complete receiver like Jeffery.

Andrew Hattersley: Xavier Jones

The most underrated signee of this class could be Xavier Jones. Jones is the perfect fit for this offense due to how much he is able to move around the field and play all over the place. He comes in as a running back but could well see a fair share of playing time at wide receiver and split time as a returner depending on if James Proche is back there as well.

Demetrio Teniente: The Receivers

Can I say more than one person? Screw it- I’m doing it anyway. I think three of SMU's receivers, James Proche (pictured), Kevin Thomas (pictured #1) and Xavier Castille are most underrated. They are all three star players, but they seem like much more than that. Maybe I’m drinking the Pony Kool-Aid, but it just seems wrong to me that they aren’t rated higher. Castile for instance, is already full sized and ridiculously fast. Proche and Thomas are almost identical in build and are higher class of athlete than they are being credited with being.

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