Roundtable: Prospect SMU Missed On

The Pony Stampede staff debates the biggest miss in the SMU signing class in this premium roundtable!

Billy Embody: Antoine Stephens

I’ll go with Kimball DB Antoine Stephens since everyone else said Bryce English. SMU was first to offer and although he ended up committing to Oklahoma, whenever you’re first to offer and it’s a local kid, I’d expect SMU to win a few of those from here on out. He's got long arms and can make plays on almost any ball. With SMU's secondary depth challenged last year with so many injuries, nothing is a sure thing back there. SMU needed a corner in this class and Stephens would have been a monster land.

Scott Sanford: Bryce English

With commitments already from Kevin Thomas and James Proche, and Claude Mathis now on the staff, the Mustangs had a chance to land yet another DeSoto star but couldn’t close the deal on defensive lineman Bryce English. English had a bizarre courtship after decommitting from UCLA, but it seems the Mustangs’ new staff just jumped in too late. The Mustangs have little depth on the defensive front and English would’ve provided some nice size and talent.

Patrick Engel: Bryce English

This coaching staff was so impressive with its effort on the recruiting trail, so I won’t hound them for missing on some players. However, I think SMU will really wish it landed defensive tackle Bryce English. English was identified as a priority from the get go, and the staff put the full court press on him all the way through. He is an absolute monster and would have filled what I think is SMU’s biggest need. He was one my favorite players to watch on film. He would have been a day-one starter at SMU, and would have quickly developed into SMU’s best defender.

Andrew Hattersley: Ross Donelly

SMU did pick up Chris Biggurs right before signing day but this is one guy I would have loved to see SMU pick up. Donelly was solid against the run and would have been a player that could have started right away at SMU. This is not to say Biggurs will not be able to help this team out in their run defense, but I think Donelly would have provided a great boost as a run stopper and someone that could provide that rushing ability up the middle.

Demetrio Teniente: Lamont Johnson

Kyler Murray. He would have led us to the promise land. But seriously, maybe Lamont Johnson and not because of what he would have brought but maybe the possible fall out with future recruits in another class. Although if this class helps the Mustang kill it next season…it won’t matter it.

Bryce English vs. Allen

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