Hot Button: Best Offensive Lineman

Demo and Scott debate who the best offensive lineman is in the 2015 SMU signing class!

Scott Sanford arguing for Keaton Bates

With the decommitment of Little Cypress-Mauriceville (Tex.) offensive guard Marvis Brown, the commitment of Arlington Lamar (Tex.) offensive guard Keaton Bates became that much more important. At 6-foot-4, 265-pounds, Bates has good height but obviously needs to put on some more weight and muscle before getting to SMU. For his size, Bates is very quick, and he shows it when he pulls into the backfield. Bates also has very solid athleticism and does a nice job of advancing up to the linebackers level after moving his defensive lineman. Bates played tackle in high school, but he’ll move to the inside where he’ll fit perfectly.

Demetrio Teniente arguing for Bryce Wilds

Well first of all he is built more like an offensive lineman at 6-7, 305. He isn’t nearly as athletic though. And I have the same issue with him because I’m not sure if he can pass block well. Then again, maybe he won’t need to. What I do like about him is that even though he may be slightly less mobile, he still finds a way to get out and up into the second level. And when he gets there, because he is much bigger, he really blows things up. I just have to believe that with his size, he will be able to absorb hits and provide a solid pocket…I’m just not sure about his footwork. I think with all the offensive lineman in this calls, you can make the same kinds of points, but I feel that with Wilds you are getting more of a true tackle. He is just a two star, but then again, SMU doesn’t have a highly touted lineman in this class. Ultimately, I think Wilds simply has more upside than any of the other lineman in the class.

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