Hot Button: Best Wide Receiver

Billy, Hatts and Patrick debate the best receiver in SMU's signing class!

Billy Embody arguing for Xavier Castille

Xavier Castille is my pick because he is the most versatile. Chad Morris could line the Rockwall receiver up all over the field and he’d excel. Castille isn’t undersized at 5-11, 190 pounds and will likely move between the slot and the backfield. Chad Morris is all about matchups and landing Castille was a huge step to being able to operate this offense the way it is designed to. In his senior year, Castille did it all and I fully expect him to start from day one.

What makes Castille worthy to start is his big play ability. SMU’s other receiver commits are good players don’t get me wrong. SMU has three Top 100 DFW area receivers in this class, but Castille’s versatility could even separate him from senior receiver Darius Joseph and that’s saying something.

Andrew Hattersley arguing for Alex Honey

Alex Honey is going to be a huge pickup for the Mustangs next season and might very well go down as the best. While Castille will make a lot of plays, Honey provides size that the Mustangs are just not getting anywhere else at the wide receiver position. Honey will be the tallest receiver SMU has along with Courtland Sutton but he will definitely be one of the biggest playmakers right off the bat. Honey had 872 yards his senior season with 14 touchdowns.

The biggest impact that Honey is going to have on this team is in the end zone. Is there really going to be a better red zone target for SMU to go to than a 6’4 receiver? There are just not going to be a lot of cornerbacks in the American that are able to match up with Honey and he should be able to come close to double digit touchdowns for SMU his freshman year. Combined with Castille and the running backs SMU picked up, this is going to be a very solid offense.

Patrick Engel arguing for Kevin Thomas

Wide receiver is SMU’s strong spot, but Kevin Thomas will rise to the top of the group. He might not make the biggest impact his freshman year, but as he adds more weight to his 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame, he will be the best receiver in this class. Thomas plays way bigger than his size, frequently outjumping defenders for balls and showing a wide catch radius. Quarterbacks can throw him the ball when he isn’t open, and he’ll either use his long arms to come down with it or ensure the defender doesn’t. Those same long arms make him the most physical receiver in the class, and a really tough guy to cover in press coverage. He isn’t the fastest, but makes up for it with good route-running that helps him separate.

Thomas’ best attribute shows when the ball stays on the ground: He is as good a run-blocking receiver as anyone in the land. He never comes off defenders until the whistle blows, and can drive them backward at just 175 pounds. He can deliver a knockout block when he wants to. When Thomas bulks up even more, he will dominate anyone in his path.

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