A Look Back at the Past 4 Classes

Demo takes a look back at how SMU's last four signing classes have fared!

Class: 2010

MVP: Kenneth Acker

Runner Up: Richard Crawford

Hidden Gem: Randall Joyner

Biggest Bust: Stephen Kaiser

Review: Man, wasn’t that a fun year? I mean sure you had a couple busts….but that could be expected anywhere…especially if June Jones is heading up recruiting. Still this class gave us a couple gems, like Richard Crawford, who was SMU’s shut down corner before leaving to play for the Washington Redskins. Randall Joyner also came out of this class and he was a late addition to the group. Who can forget the duo of Jeremy Johnson and Der'rikk Thompson? And of course, Kenneth Acker. Ultimately, while a lot of these guys became big time contributors for a number of years, Jones missed on a couple and that hurts this class a bit.

Current grade: C

Class: 2011

MVP: Stephon Sanders

Runner Up: James Richardson

Hidden Gem: Robert Seals/Taylor Lasecki/Darius Joseph (pictured)

Biggest Bust: K.C. Nlemchi

Review: If you’ve only been around SMU for the past couple years this is the class you are probably most familiar with. Adrian Klemm came on board to help the Mustangs draft better. It kind of worked considering the long lasting impact a lot of these guys had. Conner Preston andChristian Holloway did very little…ok, almost nothing with the team. And K.C. Nlemchi never realized his full potential. Darius Joseph may have had a rough senior season, but he was pretty awesome when he was effective…however brief it might have been. Stephon Sanders and Taylor Lasecki embodied the word reliable and were steady sources of leadership; James Richardson has had to battle injuries over and over again, but has been great when healthy. Robert Seals and Ja'Gared Davis round out the success of this class which bolstered SMU’s defense.

Current grade: C+

Class: 2012

MVP: Shakiel Randolph

Runner Up: Ajee Montes

Hidden Gem: Ajee Montes

Biggest Bust: Neal Burcham

Review: Klemm left for UCLA and this class paid the price. SMU had All-American Gehrig Dieter come to the Hilltop, but he couldn’t get along with wide receivers coach Jason Phillips, so he left for Bowling Green. But maybe the biggest bust out of this class is Neal Burcham. Many thought he would be the replacement for Garret Gilbert…yea moving on. The only other major contributors from this class were Shakiel Randolph and Ajee Montes. Randolph established himself as a hard hitting, ball hawking safety in the secondary while Montes demonstrated a consistency covering slot receivers.

Current grade: C

Class: 2013

MVP: Nate Halverson

Runner Up: Deion Sanders Jr.

Hidden Gem: Jeremiah Gaines

Biggest Bust: Traylon Shead

Review: Remember when Traylon Shead was going to carry us through life after Zach Line? What can I say, sometimes jokes aren’t funny to everyone. This class is notable- at least to me- for all the slot receivers in it. They makeup of this class certainly didn’t have enough balance at that position and it could be argued that this affected SMU’s offensive effectiveness after Garret Gilbert left. Cedric Lancaster, Deion Sanders Jr., and Nate Halverson are on the smaller side. Jeremiah Gaines has yet to be utilized well at SMU and JaBryce Taylor just didn’t seem to have his heart (or head) in football. The result: a wide receiver corps made up almost entirely out of slot guys.

Current grade: C-

Class: 2014

MVP: Jackson Koonce

Runner Up: Evan Brown

Hidden Gem: William Jeanlys

Biggest Bust: Caleb Tuisosopo

Review: Without putting down the guys who were decent contributors to last season’s one win season…if this recruiting class doesn’t convince you June didn’t care anymore, nothing will. With the exception of Daniel Gresham, not a single player in this class had star potential. I mean, Koonce is the MVP of the class as a punter…and this is mostly because he was much better than anything SMU had seen in a long time. Evan Brown is the runner up because he was part of a very green offensive line that improved as the season rolled along. Jeanlys to me is maybe one of the few bright spots in this class. He has the length to be a pretty frustrating corner…he is just super light though. Watch him, he might turn in to something for SMU. And Tuiasosopo is the bust because I believed in him coming out of training camp- I thought he was going to play in that second inside linebacker spot and be a beast. I was wrong.

Current grade: D+

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