SMU Signing Class Superlatives

Demo hands out superlatives to SMU's 2015 signing class!

NFL Ready/Fastest Player: Xavier Castille

The dude runs a 4.43 40- if that doesn’t tell you enough, go look at some of his film. Castille (pictured) has another gear that he shifts into so smoothly it almost doesn’t seem fair. But my favorite thing about him is that at 5’10” 195 pounds, there isn’t much more weight he needs to add to his frame. I think at most he adds 5-10 more pounds, but it isn’t necessary. At SMU he will likely play slot, and provide the offense with a Wes Welker type of receiver. His quickness and ability to slip tackles makes him dangerous and because he is basically in the optimal build with blazing speed, I think he is the most NFL ready of this year’s recruits.

Day one Starter: Josh Williams

I wimped out- you can judge. I don’t care. Cody Rademacher is gone and so Josh Williams is the most likely candidate to replace him. But the thing is that this class is so deep and so wide spread, it’s hard to decide who has the best chance of being a starter on Day one…except for with Williams that is.

Captain: James Proche II

I think simply because he played a pivotal role in bringing some of these guys to SMU, he already has the respect of some of his teammates. The coaches obviously hold him in very high esteem. I’ve talked to the kid myself and he carries himself well- just has that “it” factor you want captains to have. No question in my minds he will be a leader in the program one day.

All-AAC: Kevin Thomas

I just can’t envision a scenario where Thomas and Proche aren’t torching defenses. Thomas I think is undoubtedly more gifted than Proche. They both have similar builds, but I think Thomas has a little something extra on the field. I’m not sure what it is, but when I look at his tape, he just stands out more. I got a feeling with him and I am going to trust it.

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