Offensive Class Breakdown

Billy breaks down the SMU signing class on the offensive side of the ball!

Offensive MVP: Ben Hicks

Hicks was the biggest land in the class because it gives SMU an instant quarterback competition. Even if Neal Burcham would have been healthy, his skill set doesn’t fit the SMU offense as well. Matt Davis and Hicks will battle it out during the Spring and Fall for the right to open as the starter against Baylor. Hicks has the mechanics that Davis doesn’t, but Davis is a much more elusive and quicker runner. It will be interesting to see which way Chad Morris goes on opening day, but Hicks is more than capable of grabbing the job.

Runner Up: Xavier Castille

As you can tell, I’m really high on Xavier Castille’s ability to contribute right away to this SMU offense. He’s got big play ability written all over him. If quarterback wasn’t such a position of need, Castille would be my number one player in the class.

Sleeper: Bryce Wilds

Did I just call him overrated in the roundtable discussion? Yes, but that’s more because of the hoopla with flipping Wilds. Tackle was a position of need, but SMU didn’t set the world on fire by landing Wilds. That being said, with coaching from Dustin Fry, Wilds can most definitely contribute because of his size and athleticism. Can Wilds get his technique down and improve in that regard? Only time will tell.

Doesn’t fit right: Marcus McNeil

McNeil in my mind just doesn’t fit in Chad Morris’ scheme. That’s not to say he’s not an incredible student and a great kid, but he’s much more of a roadgrader that runs over what’s directly in front of him. In Morris’ scheme, McNeil will be asked to move quickly and pull often. It’ll be interesting to see how he adapts to the SMU strength program and works on his feet and athleticism.

Grade: B+

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