Bryce Wilds Signing Day Profile

Hatts breaks down Brazosport OL & SMU signee Bryce Wilds!

Video Breakdown: Bryce Wilds

POSITION RANKING: #104 overall
SIDE NOTE: Wilds has only been playing two years of football but also plays basketball and shot-put.
AUDIBLE: “I’m pumped to get up to Dallas in the summer. This signing class and coach Morris are going to turn this program around. We are going to win a lot of games.”

How Wilds fits

Wilds will certainly fit well with the Mustangs along the offensive line and certainly improve the tackle position for SMU. Offensive line was one of the biggest problems for SMU last season so this is an area that Wilds should be able to help, especially in getting the run game going.

What Wilds brings

Wilds biggest impact is going to be in the running game. He is a big guy but he moves very well for his size and is able to get out on the outside. Once he gets on the outside, Wilds is very powerful and opens some big holes. In the pass game, he will likely need to show he can compete at this level because judging by his film, in high school his offense was built largely on the run game.

What to Expect Freshman Year

It will be interesting to see if Wilds can come in and start right away for the Mustangs but I do expect him to contribute this year. Wilds was one of the biggest pickups for the Mustangs in this recruiting class so look for him to play early on and adjust to the collegiate game during conference play.

Career Expectations for Wilds

Wilds should be a starter for this team in the coming years. One of the biggest questions about how good Wilds can be, is if he can develop in the passing game and develop the footwork. Wilds is a very solid pickup for SMU and should be one of the staples of this offensive line in the coming years.

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