Hunter Thedford Signing Day Profile

Hatts breaks down Comanche DE & SMU signee Hunter Thedford!

Video breakdown Hunter Thedford

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 52 tackles, 11 sacks, 14 tackles for loss and 2 forced fumbles.
SIDE NOTE: Came from a small school that really never saw any attention from coaches. Says he’s taking it upon himself to carry Comanche High School with him and make a name for them.
AUDIBLE: “Oh man it’s exciting, just to be able to continue my football career especially at such a great Christian place like SMU, it’s going to be great and I’m super excited.”

How Thedford fits

Thedford provides a much needed pass rush to this defense. Thedford finished the season with 11 sacks, even half of that at SMU would be a huge help for this SMU defense early on.

What Thedford brings

Hunter Thedford provides this team with a much needed pass rush but will need to improve on his run defense. The 14 tackles for a loss is nice but he will need to be careful he is not too aggressive as a Mustang. This is a good problem to have however; as early on he will provide a pass rush this team hasn’t had in a few years.

What to Expect Freshman Year

Thedford should be good for around 4-5 sacks in his first season with the Mustangs while he continues to diversify his game. As of right now, Thedford is more of a straight ahead rusher but once he learns to incorporate the spin move and maybe a bull rush, his sack totals will rise.

Career Expectations for Hunter Thedford

Thedford is going to be a very solid player for the Mustangs in the coming years. I expect his run defense to get better while he continues to develop more moves. I look for Thedford possibly to develop into a double-digit sack threat once he is able to learn under this coaching staff for a couple of years.

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