Marcus McNeil Signing Day Profile

Scott breaks down Madison OL & SMU signee Marcus McNeil!

Video Breakdown: Marcus McNeil

COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: SMU was his only offer.
SIDE NOTE: McNeil plans to major in Political Science with hopes of becoming a politician after attending law school and finishing his football career at SMU.
AUDIBLE: “The new coaching staff, you could build a family with them,” McNeil said. “You feel like you’re at home when you’re with them. They’re like father-figures and they’re just great men to be around.”

How Marcus McNeil fits:

Even with little depth on the offensive line, McNeil will likely come in and make his contributions during practice. The 6-foot-2, 295-pound McNeil has decent size but needs to work on his quickness and pass protection before being given a chance to contribute.

What Marcus McNeil brings:

McNeil brings some depth to the inside of the offensive line, but what he really brings is someone that’s going to give you his all no matter what role you have him in. Freshman year look for McNeil to be a big-time scout team contributor who makes the defense really work to improve.

What to Expect Freshman Year:

Don’t expect much from McNeil in terms of contributions during games.

Career Expectations for Marcus McNeil:

With the way I expect Coach Morris to focus on recruiting the offensive line in the future, it’s very possible that McNeil sees little to no playing time during his career at SMU. From talking with McNeil, however, there’s no doubt this kid will bring his all to the Mustangs on the practice field, while also doing all he can to succeed in the classroom.

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