Matt McNew Signing Day Profile

Hatts breaks down Robinson LB & SMU signee Matt McNew!

Video Breakdown: Matt McNew

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 160 tackles which led his team, as well as, having 6 sacks.
SIDE NOTE: Coach McDaniel recruited him to New Mexico and once he accepted the job at SMU recruited him to SMU, and was the main reason he ended up at SMU.
AUDIBLE: “I’m excited to officially be an SMU mustang. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to play at the division one level and know I have the chance to fulfill that dream.”

How McNew fits

It remains to be seen how McNew will be used on this team, but he should be able to come in and help the running game. I see McNew starting his freshman year but he should be a solid backup that can come in and contribute, as well as, provide an impact on special teams. Early on this may be where he makes his biggest impact.

What McNew brings

McNew comes to SMU with the reputation as being a solid tackler but also someone who is going to need to improve his speed and pass coverage. Nonetheless, with 160 tackles and 6 sacks McNew should help this defense in the running game and in rushing the passer until he develops.

What to Expect Freshman Year

Look for McNew to be a contributor on special teams and see some snaps on defense at the inside linebacker position. I would not expect McNew to be a massive contributor right off the bat but with how he listens to the coaching staff I expect the Robinson linebacker to get a lot better.

Career Expectations for McNew

Down the road, I think this could be a player that blossoms his junior and senior year once he gets two years of collegiate training under his belt and starts to get a little bit faster. Instinctually, McNew will be able to make plays and be a solid run stopper but if he really wants to become a playmaker on this defense he will need to get better in coverage and adjust to the collegiate speed of the game.

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