Ben Hicks Signing Day Profile

Billy breaks down SMU quarterback Ben Hicks, who's already on campus!

Video Breakdown: Ben Hicks

POSITION RANKING: #36 overall, #6 in Texas.
SENIOR YEAR STATS: 3,741 yards, 36 touchdowns, 9-3 record
COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Houston and Texas Tech
AUDIBLE: “It’s a great school, but the deciding factor for me was just the comfort I felt with the coaching staff, personality wise it was just a great fit for me and my family so I’m very happy about the decision.”

How Hicks fits

Hicks is Chad Morris’ first quarterback signee as a head coach and it was extremely important to get someone who could come in early and compete right away. Hicks will immediately challenge for the starting quarterback position.

What Hicks brings

Accuracy and a great release. Don’t expect Hicks to wow you with speed, but he’s mobile enough to run Morris’ offense. Hicks ran a similar offense at Waco Midway and I expect him to be extremely comfortable from day one. Hicks is impressive on the run as well, a plus for a young quarterback.

What to Expect Freshman Year

SMU isn’t going to be fixed overnight and if Hicks gets the nod to start, which he very well may, SMU will likely take a few lumps along the way. Over the course of the year, because of how polished Hicks is in his fundamentals, the game will slow down for him. With Baylor on the schedule week one and if Hicks is QB1, be ready for a little adjustment.

Career Expectations for Hicks

Hicks has the opportunity to be a four-year starter. Beat Matt Davis and Hicks may have the keys to the car for a very long time. For an Elite 11 finalist with Hicks’ resume to commit to Morris’ vision, that says a lot about the type of leader he is. Get ready for a fun ride with Hicks at the helm.

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