Chris Biggurs Signing Day Profile

Billy breaks down Coppell DT & SMU signee Chris Biggurs!

Video breakdown: Chris Biggurs

COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Rice, Iowa State and Nevada.
AUDIBLE: "After this weekend with meeting with the coaches at SMU and praying about it, I had the right feeling about this that this is where the Lord wanted me to be."

How Biggurs fits

Biggurs fills a position of need along the defensive line and is versatile enough to move around.

What Biggurs brings

Depth. SMU has really missed the depth along the defensive line and with Biggurs there, that helps.

What to Expect Freshman Year

Expect him to play if he can put on some weight. At this point, not many have proven that they can provide much of a spark along the defensive line.

Career Expectations for Biggurs

He’ll be a solid four-year player, but could become more of a role player to be inside on passing downs once SMU fills out some depth at defensive end with some high quality players.

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