Upon Further Review: Cincinnati

Demo has his latest Upon Further Review following SMU's loss to Cincinnati.

I am at a loss for words.

I have no words to describe how disappointed I am.

By the time I write these words, I have expressed my anger and disgust towards this subject a number of times.

I have posted on Facebook. I have posted on Twitter. I posted on our board. I wrote reactionary piece in the Daily Campus. I went to the studio, set up a camera and recorded a monologue. And now I am writing about it here.

UFR is my baby. I’ve made some mistakes with it, but what parent can say they didn’t make any. I have a short temper- that’s something I don’t want to pass onto my baby. However, I also don’t want my baby thinking it’s okay to get up and leave when your team is down by six with less than a minute left in the game. It is not okay.

If that is your team- I mean, if that is really your team- you don’t get up. You stick around until that buzzer goes off.

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan- have been my whole life. I have watched every single game with my dad since as far back as I can remember.

One Sunday afternoon, Dallas was losing to some team they should have easily been beating. I was disgusted, and I was upset. I got up to walk away, but my dad stopped me. He grabbed me by the arm, sat me back down and looked me in the eye.

He said he never wanted to see me do that again. He said, we don’t act like that. Fans, don’t act like that.

If you don’t support your team no matter what—no matter if they win or lose-- then you are just a fair weather fan. And there is nothing worse than someone who is only there for a winner.

That’s the way I was raised. You support the people you care about. If you really care about how this team does, you give them every ounce of support you can.

In life, we all have troubles and we all have our own trials that we must face. We aren’t always going to win. Sometimes, we will need help. And if we are all just a bunch of fair weather fans, where is that help going to come from.

For me the worst thing was seeing their faces, because they can see when the crowd starts leaving.

I played football for one of the worst High school teams in DISD. There were many Friday nights where I looked up at the stands at the begging of second half only to find that the crowd hadn’t gone to the concession- they’d gone home.

That’s a terrible feeling. When you see that- when you see your own school turn its back on you- its like they are saying they don’t believe in you.

Someone told me “those people pay too much money for this team to be down by six.”

Sorry, but that is bull sh**.

The amount of money you pay for a ticket has nothing to do with these players- especially when they aren’t seeing a penny of it.

The amount of money you pay for a ticket, doesn’t entitle you to a victory. All it does, is guarantee you a seat in Moody to watch 40 minutes of basketball.

A loss or a poor performance doesn’t cheat you out of the value of that ticket- leaving early does.

Maybe I’m being too hard on the fans that left early or maybe I’m expecting too much of them.

It’s also a very good possibility that I am simply crazy.

Whatever the case may be, I think this team deserves better.

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