Local 2016 athlete talks SMU offer

Billy talked with S. Grand Prairie athlete Greg Eisworth about his SMU offer and relationship with Archie McDaniel.

South Grand Prairie (Tex.) Greg Eisworth has picked up an offer from SMU and is quickly blowing up with offers from the likes of Baylor, Oklahoma, Ole Miss and Iowa.

“I had been talking to coach Mac (Archie McDaniel) through Twitter and he told me to give him a call. When I did, he offered me,” Eisworth said.

Eisworth has only been talking to SMU since just before national signing day, but is loving the attention McDaniel is giving him and the way he’s trying to build a relationship.

“I really like his motives and how he wants to bond with the players, not just offer and leave it as that,” the 6-1, 180-pound safety said. “He really wants to keep in touch with me, which is what I like. Building a relationship with your coaches is really important.”

McDaniel came away impressed with Eisworth’s film and is pushing him to jump on board with the 2016 class.

“He’s just telling me how much he likes me as a safety and how SMU is close to home and that I’m a good fit,” Eisworth said. “I can be a part of that recruiting class next year because they’re wanting a great class.”

The 2015 class laid the ground work for SMU’s turnaround, but the staff is selling that recruits will be a part of something even bigger in 2016.

“He keeps mentioning me as a huge part of their class. He was telling me how ESPN came out with a report that they had the No. 3 overall recruiting class in their conference. He was telling me he wants me to be a part of their No. 1 recruiting class. It means something to me.”

McDaniel talked with Eisworth on national signing day and as Eisoworth continues to add offers, he’s beginning to realize he has a much harder decision to make.

“Since everything is kind of opening up, I’m just going to feel out all my options and see what I like the most. Right now, I’m undecided.”

Eisworth doesn’t have a timeline on his decision just yet because of all the attention.

“Simply because there’s other offers coming in at different times and positions and all that stuff,” Eisworth said. “I just feel like if I just kind of let it play out, it will come together, but I’m not going to wait till the last second.”

Although Eisworth hasn’t visited SMU or knows much about the school, he recognizes it’s “prestigious” and has a couple friends that have gone there.

Eisworth fully expects to visit SMU on one of the junior days coming up and has a few details he’ll be looking at.

“The relationship with the coaches and with the school, a good education and majoring in the psychology field,” Eisworth said. “A school that I can play a few different positions instead of just sticking me at safety. A school that is open to special teams, maybe offense and things like that.”

As for his junior season, Eisworth was all over the field for South Grand Prairie, but knows he still has work to do.

“It went really well. Overall, I feel like I could have done a whole lot better and I’m not satisfied with how I performed,” Eisworth said. “I’m great at making people miss, extending the play, I feel like once I get past the four, five yards, it’ll be tough to take me down.”

Oklahoma State, TCU, Stanford and Texas have all shown interest in Eisworth.

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