2/10 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU hoops practice and heard from Larry Brown and Ryan Manuel plus has a notebook!

SMU head coach Larry Brown Q&A

SMU G Ryan Manuel Q&A


Markus Kennedy had his worst performance of the season at Tulsa, but he was practicing with a lot of energy today. He was frequently reminding teammates to go to their assigned defensive spots and to aggressively jump to the ball. Offensively, he showed his turn-and-face ability and took a couple jump shots.


Coach Brown talked about setting screens on every play and using them to get open. This is normal for a Larry Brown practice, but he let the team hear it when someone didn’t set a screen or use it to find a man who can drive or shoot. He told Sterling Brown that he should have drove instead of passing the ball and turning it over.

Cannen Cunningham STAYS STRONG

After one of his best performances this season, Cunningham continued to be a catalyst on offense. He made a jump-hook shot on an improvised look and made a short shot while backpedaling. On one play, coach Brown told him he needed to catch and shoot instead of dribble.

Practice Quick Hits

— Practice started after a 50-minute film session.

Nic Moore was absent from practice. Keith Frazier and Ryan Manuel did most of the point guard work in his absence.

— Former NBA coach Mike Dunleavy was at practice.

Jean-Michael Mudiay saw time in the rotation and even had a couple nice layups.

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