2/11 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts was at SMU hoops practice and talked with Yanick Moreira and Larry Brown and has a notebook!

SMU head coach Larry Brown Q&A

SMU F Yanick Moreira Q&A


Although it is a regular drill for the team, coach Brown was pleased with how things went today. The one thing the team needed to work on was making cuts and getting out of the lane after making a cut. During the drill, with Nic not practicing, Sterling Brown ran most of the plays as the point guard and did a fairly good job except for a couple of turnovers.

Ben Emelogu

Emelogu was a lot more confident in practice today and seems to be moving off the three point line and driving more to the basket. On one play, Emelogu made a nice cross over move on Jordan Tolbert and finished the layup. Coach Brown was on Emelogu to keep attacking the basket, at times during practice asking him who was in front of him that made him stop and pass the ball.

Ryan Manuel

Coach Brown was encouraging Manuel to keep shooting. He even got a smile out of Manuel after a miss by telling him even if it doesn’t go down to keep shooting. One of the most interesting parts of practice today was a duel between Ryan Manuel and Sterling Brown. Both were all over each other on defense and forced turnovers during the shell drill and throughout practice.

Ben Moore

The goal for Ben Moore today was to be more aggressive. The coaches were trying to get Moore to just drive hard to the basket instead of taking a couple of dribbles before passing it out. Coach Brown was willing to live with turnovers from Moore as long as he was trying to be aggressive. On one play he drove hard to the basket before trying to make a pass along the baseline. Despite it getting tipped out of bounds, coach Brown still told Moore that he had made the right play and to keep at it.

Practice Quick Hits

Markus Kennedy was 4/4 on three-pointers today.

Keith Frazier was absent from practice today.

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