Shake Milton recaps SMU vs. UConn

Hatts talked with SMU signee Shake Milton at SMU vs. UConn and got his thoughts on his visit and the SMU win!

Shake Milton returned to the Hilltop this past weekend, this time however to take in his first game in Moody, something he has been hoping to do for a while.

“I’m really excited because I haven’t been to a game at Moody and I heard the Mob gets really excited so its just going to be a lot of fun I’m excited to see them play again,” Milton said.

The game did not disappoint with SMU blowing out UCONN 73-55 that also had a record attendance of 7,395 people.

“The fans were crazy, the team was hyped,” Milton said after the game, “It was just exciting to be a part of it all.”

Milton was not able to make it to College GameDay in the morning but was excited to see the turnout, as well as, Shameek Malviya’s half-court shot.

“I was actually on the road but I saw some highlights from it, I saw the kid who made the shot,” Milton said, “It was really exciting, the fans were crazy and looked like they really cared about SMU basketball and I think that’s just going to make me want to play harder so it was really cool to see.”

One of the things Milton was most excited about was getting to meet his future teammates, who were also in attendance at the game.

“I’m just excited to be a part of the atmosphere, I finally get to meet Jarrey, Sed and them so I’m just excited to meet them and have an opportunity to be here,” Milton said.

This was actually the second weekend in a row that Milton was able to take in a SMU game after he saw them beat Tulsa a week earlier.

“It was a really good game, they played well, it was a lot of fun to see them come in and win,” Milton said.

Milton was also impressed with the turnout by the SMU fans during that road win at Tulsa.

“It was just reassuring and a good feeling that you’ve got support and your fans are behind you when you play,” Milton said.

Milton has seen the program constantly grow over the last couple of years, a thought that was reaffirmed by their top spot in the American Athletic conference, as well as, the turnout in their road matchup against Tulsa.

“I think it’s just constantly on the rise, you know we can only go up from here, every year we’ve gotten better and I just can’t wait to get there it’s going to be a lot of fun and something I’m glad I can be a part of,” Milton said.

Milton will soon be a part of this team, which is great news for the Mustangs considering his game appears to be rounding into form just in time for his first year.

“It’s going well, we’ve only lost two games, and I’ve been doing well, I’m scoring a lot and getting my teammates involved so that’s definitely somewhere I think needed to improve on but it’s going well.”

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