2/17 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU hoops practice and talked with Ryan Manuel and Larry Brown plus took notes!

SMU head coach Larry Brown Q&A

SMU G Ryan Manuel Q&A


On Saturday against Connecticut, Ben Emelogu drove the ball a couple times and even made a nice layup. He was back at it Tuesday, “ripping” the ball from the perimeter during the early-practice offensive work. He also took a few jump shots from inside the three-point line, and made most.


Coach Brown was using his favorite saying a lot today. He said that if the team jumps to the ball, the first screen should never affect them. Jumping to the ball should help the defender be in position to get through any screen.

Practice Quick Hits

— Practice started after a 70-minute film session.

— Practice was in Moody today.

Keith Frazier was in the gym working on his shot a while before practice.

— About five or six guys were wearing long sleeves under their jerseys, more than usual.

Cannen Cunningham also put in some pre-practice jump shot work.

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