Gary previews upcoming SMU junior day

Demetrio talked with Dallas Kimball defensive end Demerick Gary about his upcoming SMU junior day visit!

The last time we spoke to 2016 Kimball defensive end Demerick Gary, he was simply garnering interest from a number of programs. Today not only has he captivated those programs, but he has also managed to all but guarantee a couple offers.

SMU is paying attention to the 6’2” 240 pound junior, and so is Rice.

“[Rice] invited me to their Junior Day,” Gary said. “And they said that if I go down for their Junior Day they are going to offer me.”

SMU invited Gary to its junior day too and he says he is looking forward to it.

“I recently talked to Coach Morris, Coach Malone and Coach Wyatt on one call,” Gary said. “It was crazy to talk to all three of them. ” Gary said. “They said they really like me and that they were really impressed with my film. They said I was close to getting an offer, but Coach Wyatt wants to see me in person first. I’m going to get to meet them at junior day, so I’m really excited about that. I think there is a good possibility that I get offered.”

SMU is appealing to Gary for a number of reasons. One is location and another is the promise of a better future.

“SMU is close to home,” Gary said. “I really like how Coach Morris is trying to shake some things up there. I think he can flip things around at SMU, and obviously, that would be a good thing. I’m definitely considering SMU. It’s a good program and a good school. I’m excited to see the whole school and learn more about everything at junior day. It just looks like a place that I could fit in perfectly.”

One of the things that has Gary excited about his visit is the new class of recruits that joined the Mustang family last week.

“SMU was kinda surprising,” Gary said. “All the guys they signed like Kevin Thomas and James Proche- just really good guys from the metroplex- really stood out to me. I just really believe that in a few years, Coach Morris is going to change this program around. “

Gary thinks SMU’s future is bright and would really like to be a part of the program.

“I really hope SMU offers me,” he said. “Like I said, I really like what the coaching staff is doing out there. I like Coach Wyatt and the type of scheme they are running defensively. They are bringing in some good recruits, and I want to be part of a program that’s building. I think it’s going to be great in a few years. My brother wants me to stay closer to home, so SMU would be a great place.”

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