2/18 Hoops Practice Notebook

Demo was at SMU hoops practice and talked with Markus Kennedy and Larry Brown plus has a notebook!

Larry Brown Q&A

SMU F Markus Kennedy Q&A

Life without Nic Moore

Moore was absent from the early part of practice because of class. It was interesting to see how the team looked without him. The team became even more reliant on its big men then it already is. Coming into the season it seemed like the team was deep all across the board. Next season there will be other guys to eventually pick up the slack, but this would be a much different team without Nic (no duh). I’m only pointing it out because I feel we take him for granted sometimes.

Future looks bright

This was one of first practices in a long (very long) time. So this was also my first look at Semi. Jordan Tolbert and Semi are going to be beasts next season and with the incoming class they should be very exciting to watch. It’s like you got a brand new toy, but aren’t allowed to play with it for a whole year.

Ryan Manuel

So again, this was my first practice in a long time and one of the first thing I noticed was how frequently I heard Manuel’s voice. Practice in general was filled with more voices, which was good. Back before the season started it felt like there wasn’t enough communication between guys and there wasn’t a leader. I would argue that Ryan Manuel and Markus Kennedy have emerged as the leaders on this team.

Some things never change

Practice is still largely about screens and Sterling Brown making defensive plays. I feel like Brown, Manuel and Ben Moore consistently make great defensive plays but almost never gamble. And their intensity during drills seems to spill over into the rest of their groups.

Practice Quick Hits

— They guys were doing this thing were they would congratulate each other with over exaggerated phrases. It was almost as if they were being sarcastic…except they actually meant it. A couple of the more used phrases were: “That was fantastic,” “it was terrific”, “it’s real,” “that was really, really great.”

— Got a look at Ben Moore at the three (LOVE IT). Love the defensive problems it creates for opponents.

— We had a couple guys hit the deck pretty hard and/or get looked at by trainers during practice, but everyone made it to the end of practice. No major injuries or anything to write home about so all good on that front.

— Yanick didn’t eat me. A couple of you may be familiar with the Butterfinger incident, if not I can fill you in later. Anyway, I finally had the opportunity to talk to him today and clear the air. And actually he still thought it was funny and was laughing for a while. But most importantly, he didn’t eat me.

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