Barefield recaps SMU visit

Demo talked with SMU signee Sedrick Barefield about catching SMU's win vs. UConn in Moody Coliseum!

When SMU took down the reigning national champs UCONN for ESPN’s College GameDay, there were a number of signees in attendance. Among them was 2015 Centennial High school point guard Sedrick Barefield.

It was his second time on the Hilltop and even though he already signed, he had never experience the campus like this.

“Last time I didn’t have as good of an idea what the students were like” he said. “Honestly, I didn’t know how welcome I would feel because I wasn’t around as many people before. This time the way they treated me really stood out. The crowd was crazy and it was really great to see where I’m going to be playing next year. I can’t wait to get into the gym with my teammates and start working on getting better- I mean, just playing the game and being part of the team trying to win”

The magnitude of the game, plus the national attention helped the already loud Moody be even louder

“I had no idea what kind of school SMU was,” Barefield said. “I had first heard about the school when Emmanuel committed. And then after that, I started to watch them on TV.”

Since Barefield started to pay attention to the Mustangs, SMU started paying attention to him. The 6-2, 185 pound guard will be a Mustang next season and he is already working on his relationship with his future coach.

“Larry Brown and I text or talk on the phone pretty much every week,” he said. “Just being around him last week, I just feel like he has a crazy work ethic when it comes to preparing the team and watching film. He is always trying to get the best out of his players, and he is always teaching. And you know, he teaches a lot- so that was great to see that too because I want to go somewhere that I can learn a lot more about the game.”

So GameDay was also the first time Barefield got to see the Mustangs play against a tough, proven team.

“They have a lot of pieces,” he said. “I think they go as far into the postseason as they want. They play great defense and great offense as well. They just have to stay focused and try and win as many games as possible.”

Not only did Barefield get the chance to see how his future team plays right now, he also got a glimpse at the roster and where he might fit in once he gets here.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes for the team to win,” he said. “I’ll do whatever coach asks me to do. I’m very excited for next year. I just want to get in the school, get with the team and start getting to know everyone around campus. It is a beautiful school and I am very happy that I chose SMU and vice versa.”

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