2016 receiver recaps SMU junior day

Wichita Falls Rider wide receiver T.J. Vasher visited SMU for the first time! Get his thoughts on SMU!

Wichita Falls Rider wide receiver T.J. Vasher is one of SMU’s top targets at receiver and visited SMU for junior day.

“It was nice. It was better than I expected. I had a lot of fun,” Vasher said. “They told us they’re doing a lot of renovating. From what I’ve seen, it was really nice. It tells me they’re on the come-up.”

It was Vasher’s first time on SMU’s campus and head coach Chad Morris was his normal self, getting Vasher excited about SMU’s future.

“He’s real nice and he’s very energetic. He sounds like he drinks a whole bunch of Red Bull or something,” Vasher said. “You can tell that he has a lot of vision for the program.”

Vasher talked with his position coach, Justin Stepp, and offensive coordinator Joe Craddock briefly and has built a good relationship with Stepp.

“We talk on the phone, but it was nice to be able to meet him. He’s real nice, really like a family man and it felt nice to be around him.” Vasher said. “Our relationship is pretty close. We at least talk once or twice a week. We stay communicating and we all talk pretty much.”

While Vasher wouldn’t name SMU as a favorite, he said that he and his family will be back for SMU’s spring game on April 18.

“They’re definitely someone I’m going to keep in mind,” the 6-4, 195-pound receiver said. “From what they were telling us and how things were going, the program is taking a 360-turn. They seem like they’re a program to watch out for.”

SMU had already offered him for basketball, but at this point, Vasher hasn’t heard that much from SMU on that front. Vasher is beginning to think about whether he wants to pursue football or basketball.

“I’ve been thinking a little bit. As far as the two-sport thing, I’m not sure how far that will go with me. I’m still in the process on figuring things out.”

As for his SMU visit, it was the off-the-field opportunities that impressed Vasher the most.

“The academic part of things. They have a world-class learning facility,” Vasher said. “It’s something that having graduated from there, even if it wasn’t from football, having that degree would be real nice.”

This weekend, Vasher could be visiting Texas Tech, but isn’t sure with basketball playoffs coming up. The only other visit Vasher has planned is to Ohio State’s spring game.

Ohio State, Colorado, SMU, Texas Tech and Houston have all offered for football and Vasher doesn’t have a favorite as of now.

Vasher hasn’t been able to decide whether he wants to announce this summer or early in his football season.

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