La Vega wide receiver talks SMU junior day

La Vega wide receiver Brandon Benson got up to SMU for junior day after picking up an offer recently. He recaps the visit with Billy!

SMU running backs coach Claude Mathis offered La Vega wide receiver Brandon Benson last week and quickly got Benson to visit SMU for junior day and impressed the Waco receiver.

“I liked how the coaches were real comfortable around each other like a family. I like how it seemed like everyone was buying into the program,” Benson said. “It seemed like they’re going to turn that whole football program around. I really like they were laughing and cracking jokes together.”

The coaching staff made sure Benson got to meet SMU’s new head coach Chad Morris on Saturday.

“I really like coach Morris. I know his past and he won some championships at Lake Travis and he went to Clemson and had real good receivers there,” the three-star receiver said. “He’s coached one of my favorite receivers, Sammy Watkins, so I like that.”

Morris has a great reputation for developing receivers like Watkins plus DeAndre Hopkins and other talented skill players, but Benson also came away impressed with Justin Stepp, his position coach at SMU.

“I really like him as a coach and as a person. It seemed like he’s really nice and true to his word. I really like that,” Benson said. “He told me he’s always really energized and he’s going to get me to my full potential every day at practice and take good care of me down there.”

Stepp and Benson had just met each other on Twitter last week, but the pair are developing a relationship and it took a big step on junior day.

“I love SMU’s style of play and what they do. I really like their coach’s enthusiasm and everything. I really like it so far.”

While the football side of things went well, the campus visit impressed Benson too.

“It seemed like it ain’t too big like you can meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends, but not too small that you’ll be bored,” Benson said. “They’re building all that new stuff that looks really nice.”

Benson called Dallas, “perfect” since the receiver wants to leave Waco, but not go too far.

One player who recently left Waco for Dallas, is Ben Hicks, who while Benson doesn’t have a personal relationship with, is impressed with the Elite 11 finalist’s play.

“I didn’t really know Ben like that, but I saw him play and he’s a great quarterback. If I had the chance to play with him, that would be great.”

SMU is coming off a rough 2014 campaign, but that won’t deter Benson.

“I don’t really mind if they’re coming off a rough year because anything can change quickly and I want to work to get there and do what I have to do to make a program better,” Benson said. “I don’t really mind their past. I like the up-tempo offense and everything like that.”

This weekend, Benson is visiting Texas Tech, and Kansas and Rice are getting visits the next few weekends. Benson will also visit SMU again in April and Alabama in the spring too.

“I really just looking for a school that can get me a good education and take me to the next level in football,” the 6-3, 185-pound receiver said.

Benson is a passionate football player that likes to dance around and get everyone else involved, but is an aggressive receiver as well.

“Being more of a faster, attack the ball kind of guy, but I love being very up-tempo and trying to get people pumped,” Benson said. “I do need to get better at attacking the ball and speed, hand placement. Just everything really.”

Texas State, Texas Tech, Kansas and SMU have offered Benson so far. Alabama, Texas, Tulsa, Rice and Yale have shown interest in Benson.

Benson has a 3.6 GPA at the moment and spends his free time reading to kids at the YMCA and being active in his church.

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