2/24 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU hoops practice and talked with Larry Brown and has a notebook!

SMU HC Larry Brown Q&A


In offense-only work, George Lynch used a hand-held pillow-sized pad like those in some football drills to press up against big men and make them keep their balance. It also gave the big men a prop to practice posting up on and practice their moves to the basket. Most practices don’t involve this drill.


Ben Moore’s hot shooting continued in practice after a strong first half against Temple, in which he hit a couple jumpers. He displayed a smooth shooting motion and made shots a couple 15-footers.


Coach Brown said that an offense can get an open shooter with just one pass, so the defense must jump the ball and guard the passer and disrupt him, which will throw the offense out of rhythm and close passing lanes. As coach Brown always says, defenders must see man and ball to disrupt an offense.

Practice Quick Hits

— Practice started with the usual pass around the perimeter and then put it inside and dunk drill.

— One of coach Brown's central defensive messages was to stay locked on opposing players before the ball gets to them, not just after.

Ryan Manuel took about 20 jumpers in a shootaround and made all but three of them.

— K.T. Turner and Jerry Hobbie were much more involved with hands-on coaching than usual because of Tim Jankovich’s absence. Turner even got on the team for a play in which they didn’t guard the passer.

Ben Emelogu had a tough start to practice, but made up for it with a great drive through traffic to the hoop.

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