2/28 Hoops Practice Notebook

Billy was at SMU hoops practice before the team took off for Connecticut and took notes!

Ball Screens

One of the keys to tomorrow’s game will be ball screens. Coach Brown and the rest of the staff stressed the importance of positioning and defending Connecticut’s ball screens. Equally important to Brown was the ball screens his own squad is setting for themselves.

Bigs getting the attention

While Nic Moore was especially vocal this morning, coach Brown was equally vocal with the bigs. Brown got on Cannen Cunningham for a lack of defensive presence and Jordan Tolbert for not having eyes on his man. That was just the beginning. The team had a couple sprints midway through practice after the attention to detail just wasn’t there. Yanick Moreira was also asked to focus a little more during drills. It may have been a Saturday practice before a road trip, but Brown and the rest of the staff was all over the team.

Stretching the floor

Coach Jankovich was not happy with how the team was running their press break early. Jankovich told the bigs that the team has to stretch the floor in every way possible. That means the bigs have to widen on the break so everything isn’t so cramped. That allows the break to have more room to work and make the opposing team defend more of the floor.

Practice Quick Hits

— The evolution of Nic Moore’s leadership has been impressive to see. At practice, Moore is always motivating other players and encouraging them to keep their head in practice after they make a mistake.

— Nic Moore missed a few threes early in practice on plays set up for him to spot up and shoot.

— Jordan Tolbert left Ben Moore wide open in the corner during shell and while Moore didn’t get the ball, coach Brown immediately stopped the drill and let Tolbert know.

— Yanick Moreira pulled up for a jumper from the baseline, but passed to Ben Moore underneath, but Semi Ojeleye was there to knock the pass away.

— Nic Moore stopped his dribble at the top of the key, was double teamed, but found Markus Kennedy with a tight pass for the dunk.

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