DFW receiver recaps SMU junior day

Dallas First Baptist wide receiver Camron Williams talks SMU junior day, relationship with staff!

Dallas First Baptist wide receiver Camron Williams is one of SMU’s top targets at receiver in 2016 and the local receiver was at SMU for junior day last weekend.

“It was great. Got a chance to talk to the coaches, see the environment, and all that,” Williams said. “It’s a private school so I expected it to be a little bit smaller than most D1 schools, but I liked it. It was a good environment.”

SMU head coach Chad Morris did get to talk with Williams on junior days.

“I got to talk to coach Morris one-on-one. He was just telling me about his plan and ideas for the whole program, where he sees it next year and how I fit into it,” Williams said. “He just feels like I’m a good asset to the team and the school. I can make a big impact on the whole program and things like that.”

Williams was really impressed with the plans for SMU’s new facilities as well.

“They had boards and things like that on how the whole facilities and coaching offices was going to be, just redone and I got to see it,” Williams said. “I’m excited to see how it turns out.”

Receivers coach Justin Stepp has been building a relationship with Williams and it was a plus for them to meet again at junior day.

“It wasn’t our first time meeting, we had talked more than once,” Williams said. “It was kind of the same. He introduced me to most of the coaches and to some of the players that will be there next year so it was just a great time.”

The SMU coaching staff has made a great impression on just about everyone and that continued with Williams.

“It was a good vibe. Everybody there has a good energy about them, really funny and they want the best for you and they’re going to push you hard.”

What impressed Williams the most was SMU’s commitment to where Williams likes spending most of his time.

“I’d have to say the plans for the weight room,” the 6-3, 190-pound receiver said. “The weight room is real important to me so when he told me about how they’re going to redo the floors and take out all the equipment and fill it with brand new equipment, that was exciting.”

With SMU’s junior day over with, where does that leave SMU?

“Right now, everyone is pretty much even. I’m just focusing on school and making sure I get good grades,” Williams said. “I’m not really focused on the whole recruiting process right now.”

After SMU’s junior day, Williams visited TCU, where he doesn’t have an offer from, but got one-on-one time with head coach Gary Patterson and met more of the staff.

Williams will take a much harder look at the recruiting process this summer with his parents and when it feels right, Williams will make his decision.

This weekend, Texas will host Williams and he has a few other visits in the works for the spring.

As for his own spring practices, Williams is focused on working on fine-tuning his craft with his trainer, Margin Hooks.

“We just worked on a lot of core and abs, trying to get my V-section more toned so I can go up over people with better balance and things like that,” Williams said. “I’ve been taking yoga. It makes my hips feel good and more limber, smooth when I come in and out of my routes.”

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