Stratford running back picks up SMU offer

Billy talked with Houston Stratford running back Rakeem Boyd about his SMU offer!

2016 Houston Stratford running back Rakeem Boyd talked with the SMU coaching staff last night and learned about his SMU offer.

“Coach Mathis called me and I talked to the whole coaching staff. The head coach was really excited,” Boyd said. “He just said he wants me to come up for a visit for like a day or so and just hang out and stuff like that.”

Boyd had an offer for quite some time, but for some reason

“He said they offered me a long time ago. He said he didn’t get a chance to talk in person after offering through your coach,” Boyd said. “I was shocked. I thought they were going to talk to me about coming up for a visit because he never talked about offering me until now.”

SMU running backs coach Mathis and Boyd have been in touch for “a while now,” and the two are building a solid relationship.

“It’s actually pretty good. We talk during basketball season about basketball,” Boyd said. “We’re building a good relationship and I’m going to start building a relationship with the head coach and stuff like that.”

Mathis and the staff talked with Boyd about SMU’s offense that Chad Morris is installing.

“He just told me about it today and to look it up and I’d see I’d be a good fit to it,” the 5-11, 200-pound back said. “I could come in and not sit down on the bench and play as a true freshman.”

While early playing time is big for Boyd, that doesn’t mean SMU is leading the way right now.

“I want to play as early as possible,” Boyd said. “Right now I’m just thinking over a lot of schools and coming down to the end of the summer, I’m going to come down with a top 10 list.”

Boyd holds offers from the likes of Army, Boston College, Colorado, Colorado State, Duke, Houston, Iowa State, New Mexico and Oregon State.

Boyd visited Texas this past weekend and visits Texas A&M this Friday and is hoping for his first SEC offer. While he admits it’d be tough to play right away in the SEC, it’s all about fit.

“It’s where I know I would play in and have a good fit in,” Boyd said. “It doesn’t have to be playing as a true freshman because redshirting is basically getting better.”

The most important thing for Boyd is the coaching staff, but it again comes back to fit.

“The things they do up there and style of play and things like that, how the program is, the campus and town, things like that,” the three-star running back said. “If that all fits into place, then that’s the school I’m going to go.”

Being in the middle of track season, it’s tough for Boyd to commit to visits, but he wants to get to SMU for a spring practice.

For Stratford last season, Boyd rushed for over 2,500 yards and 29 touchdowns.

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