3/3 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick talked with Cannen Cunningham and Larry Brown today at practice and has a notebook!

SMU head coach Larry Brown Q&A

SMU F Cannen Cunningham Q&A


When SMU is on top of its game, it gets a lot of dunks and lobs. Coach Brown stressed setting screens to open dunkers and lob passes, which weren't often there on Sunday against UConn. Coach Brown said that not-as-good passing was a factor for that.


Coach Brown said that players should dribble at a teammate to get him a shot, not just to hand off. To get a good shot, screens need to be set, and sometimes there weren't set to Coach Brown's liking. He used the end of the Memphis-Tulsa game from Saturday as an example of setting proper back screens: Nick King was able to drive to the rim five times from the perimeter because of a good back screen.


Pick and pops were one area Coach Brown was not pleased with from Sunday. He said the team didn't do a good job looking for the first two options off the pick and pop: the screener and the man from the other wing. He wants the man who slips off the screen to be in a full-out sprint, and he said he didn't see that in film from the UConn game.


Coach Brown was especially complimentary with Sterling Brown on a play in which he gave up a good look at a corner three and drove, but spun around and found Ben Moore for a shorter jumper, which he drilled. One play later, Ben Emelogu passed up the three but drove to the hoop and scored. Coach Brown praised both for giving up the good look from deep and driving or finding a teammate.

Practice Quick Hits

- Jean-Michael Mudiay drove from the perimeter off a screen and unleashed a dunk.

- K.T. Turner was repeatedly telling the defense to talk a lot. Not as a nag because they weren't doing it, but as a constant reminder.

- Jordan Tolbert passed from the perimeter to Cannen Cunningham, who beat a double team on the post and laid it in.

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