3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Tulsa

Billy has your FREE 3 up, 3 down for SMU's win over Tulsa today to clinch the AAC regular season title!

3 Up

1. Cannen Cunningham

Cunningham single-handedly kept SMU in the game in the first half while most of the team struggled to make shots and defend James Woodard. Cunningham drew fouls and finished with 12 points, 12 rebounds and three assists before fouling out. Cunningham also helped SMU hold Tulsa to just 16 points in the paint. A great effort in the senior’s final game in Moody Coliseum.

2. Markus Kennedy

After a Cunningham dunk in the second half, SMU came out with much more energy and Kennedy funneled that energy to his 16 points, seven rebounds and three blocks. Kennedy got into a little bit of foul trouble with a couple offensive fouls, but Kennedy showed that SMU wasn’t going to be bullied by Tulsa and their hot shooting guard. Kennedy made two key free throws after two misses to ice the game.

3. Limiting “extra” points for Tulsa

SMU was down 16-9 in the first half in points off turnovers, but in the second half, the team took better care of the ball, with seven turnovers. Tulsa was limited to just five points off turnovers in the second half. SMU got the extra points in the second half, having 10 points compared to Tulsa’s just two. That was the difference and SMU made the adjustments to clean up some of the sloppy play

3 Down

1. Defending James Woodard

Whenever Woodard shot the ball from beyond-the-arc, you felt like it was headed in. Woodard finished with 30 points and six rebounds, while only two other three-point attempts were made by the Golden Hurricane. SMU almost let turnovers, fouls and one player beat them, but were able to lock it down and finish.

2. Being too physical

Hear me out when I say SMU was not at all pushed around in this game, but the team lost its head a little bit in the paint after some physical play. Kennedy was heated after a few tough calls on him and took a seat on the bench for a minute. After that quick break towards the end of the game, Kennedy responded with a cooler head and made the plays to help SMU to the title. SMU can’t let the tournament’s physical play get to the head like that.

3. Yanick Moreira and Ben Moore

While Cunningham and Kennedy were having all of the success, Moreira had a tough day from the field and Moore finished with just seven minutes. Ben made a couple jumpers in the first half, but didn’t see the floor much in the second half. While Cunningham and Kennedy led the way, the team needs Moore and Moreira to step up in the next couple games. The pair combined for eight points and two rebounds in 26 minutes.

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