Upon Further Review: Tulsa

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I’ll admit it. I was a little worried.

Can you blame me though?

It’s hard not to have a little doubt when an opposing player puts on a three-point shooting clinic.

James Woodard finished with 30 points- going 10-15 from three-point range.

It was an exciting game, filled with ups and down and it was rather fitting that it should be that way. This has been a season riddled with adversity and the underlying theme throughout has been overcoming those obstacles as a team; playing hard, playing smart and playing together.

When Dean Smith died, almost a month ago, the team started wearing shirts that said family on them. Tonight before the game, students and family members were given shirts that echoed that message.

I don’t feel like re hashing all the hurdles SMU has had to climb because I feel I have said it a lot already. And at the risk of being a broken record I am repeating a theme from a previous UFR. But no one can argue that this team fights to the very end and they do it together.

Sure, Woodard had 30 points, but where was the rest of his team? Only Shaquille Harrison scored in double figures and just barley (he had 10).

SMU had three players finish in double-digits and two just on the cusp.

Kenendy led the way with 16 points, and Cannen Cunningham and Nic Moore added 12 each.

Cunningham got the start, because it was senior night, and like he has all season, he responded in the biggest way. Not only did he score key points, but he also attacked the boards. His 12 rebounds notched him his second double-double of the season and the fourth of his career.

The selflessness of this team, its depth, and its ability to pull together when the going gets tough is why they are AAC champions.

The toughness of this team will help them be competitive in the postseason. And Kennedy is a major source of the toughness.

SMU was trailing and it seemed like no matter what it did, Tulsa was going to get a three from someone. Then Kennedy scored a bucket, drew a foul and thumped his chest.

“That’s when we know he got mad.”

Yea Yanick, that’s right he was mad.

“He do that- that’s when he’s upset and that’s when he really plays.”

Are you saying he is like a mini basketball playing Hulk? Yea, I think that’s a fair comparison.

“We just hope he does it every time.”

Me too Yanick, me too.

Regardless of what happens in Hartford or even after that, we can all agree that this team fought for everything the Mustang stands for this season. And for that, we can’t be anything but proud.

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