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Scott breaks down a trio of SMU football prospects including Rakeem Boyd, Collin Rock and A.J. Green!

Rakeem Boyd

2016 RB, Stratford HS, Houston, Tex.

SPEED AND AGILITY: Rakeem Boyd doesn’t have blazing speed, but the 5-foot-11 running back uses his overall athleticism to make defenders miss. He doesn’t abuse his ability to hurdle defenders, and he does a nice job with change-of-pace to throw off his opponents. Boyd hits the hole hard, but does a nice job of staying light on his feet so that he can still make quick cuts. Boyd’s biggest strength is his ability to shift direction in traffic while maintaining his speed so that he doesn’t lose a step.

VISION: There were a lot of occasions where Boyd had huge running lanes to take advantage of, but there were also occasions where he showed us his ability to make a split decision quickly and concisely in order to keep his run alive. Once into the open hole, Boyd does a nice job of locating the defenders and making the smart cut. His good vision also allows him to cut back on zone reads and find the open hole on the backside.

TENACITY: It’s unlikely any defense can bring down Boyd after just one hit thanks to his ability to stay on his feet and keep them moving after contact. Boyd wont put his head down to try and run you over, but he will throw stiff arms to stay up.

OFFERS: SMU, Colorado, Duke, Houston, Oregon State, West Virginia, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa State, Army, Boston College, Colorado State and New Mexico.
HT: 5-11 (Nike SPARQ Verified)
WT: 200 pounds (Nike SPARQ Verified)
40-yard dash: 4.59 seconds (Nike SPARQ Verified)

Rakeem Boyd Highlights

Collin Rock

2016 QB/ATH, Cypress Ranch HS, Cypress, Tex.

SPEED AND MOBILITY: There’s a reason SMU offered Rock as an athlete. The quarterback is extremely fast and can tuck the ball and run when asked to. He has solid overall speed and is tough to catch up to in the open field. Rock has good vision and is capable of making the necessary cuts in traffic to get into the end zone. His speed also allows him to be smart with his body and avoid any unnecessary contact he could face while scrambling.

ATHLETICISM: With Rock’s speed comes athleticism. While passing, Rock does a nice job of squaring up his shoulders and body on bootlegs, while also staying light on his feet. Rock’s biggest strength is his ability to make defenders miss on the option plays, where he uses his quick feet and agility to shake off defenders. Rock won’t risk injury by trying to run over his opponents, but he will put a full effort behind out-maneuvering the defense.

ARM STRENGTH/ACCURACY: Even though SMU did not offer Rock as a quarterback, that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of throwing some nice balls. Despite being in the thinner side, Rock can put some heat behind his pass, and even has the ability to step up in the pocket and deliver a strike over the middle to his receiver. His real play-making ability is in his feet, but he will keep defenses honest with his arm.

OFFERS: SMU and Navy.
HT: 6-0
WT: 185 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.54 seconds (Unofficial)

Collin Rock Highlights

A.J. Green

2016 DB, DeSoto HS, DeSoto, Tex.

ATHLETICISM: Overall, Green has outstanding athleticism and shows it with his ability to make plays on the ball where ever he is on the field. His quick feet and loose hips allow him to stay with his opponent, no matter what move is thrown his way, and his long arms present him a number of opportunities to steal the ball away from the offense.

TACKLING: Green is one of those defensive backs who isn’t scared of a little contact when he goes in for the tackle. He could use a lesson or two on wrapping up, but that has become somewhat of a lost art nowadays. If the soon-to-be senior can learn to grab onto his opponents when he puts his shoulder into them, he’ll become an even better corner.

PASS COVERAGE: Initially, Green does a nice job of staying with his man the entire play and turning at the right time once the ball has been thrown. He doesn’t make too much contact with his opponent, but he doesn’t let the receiver go untouched either. Green also does a nice job of using his hands at the appropriate times, which allows him to win the jump ball and come away with the interception.

OFFERS: SMU, Louisville, Oklahoma State, Rice Texas Tech and Colorado State.
HT: 6-0
WT: 170 pounds

A.J. Green Highlights

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