Alabama offensive lineman grabs SMU offer

Billy talked with Auburn (Ala.) OL Tyler Pritchett after he picked up an SMU offer Saturday!

2016 Auburn (Ala.) offensive tackle Tyler Pritchett has double-digit offers and SMU jumped into the mix by offering the big Alabama tackle.

“I found out about it on Saturday and I had tweeted that. I don’t think anybody had seen it, but I had tweeted that,” Pritchett said. “Today is when everybody saw it, but I’ve had it since Saturday.”

Pritchett talked with the offensive staff Saturday and that’s when he found out the Mustangs offered. With offensive coordinator Joe Craddock being an Alabama native, it’s no surprise SMU has recently shown interest in some Alabama prospects.

“I was talking to coach. I was talking to three of them,” Pritchett said. “I happened to ask him, hey are you offering me and they said yea we’ve offered.”

Pritchett doesn’t know too much about SMU expect for the history of the program.

“I know that Deion Sanders son goes there and I know that they had the Pony Express with Eric Dickerson and guys like that playing for them,” the said.

The staff keeps up with Pritchett every other week, but says it’s pretty regular so far.

SMU is definitely a school Pritchett will consider along with his other offers.

“Right now for me, everything is open. There’s not a family situation that says I’ve got to stay in-state,” Pritchett said. “I want to explore all of my options and SMU is one of my options I definitely want to explore. I want to see how this season goes. I want to make sure this season goes really well. It’s someplace I’ll consider because of all the great history behind the program.”

With over 20 offers, Pritchett still hasn’t narrowed it down. After establishing a few favorites early, Pritchett has backed off and really opened things up.

“I’ve made a top-five in January, but I deleted that and I said that my recruitment is as wide open as it can be.”

There’s one factor that will set the course for Pritchett’s recruitment and where he considers.

“The biggest thing for me is it’s been a dream of mine to play in the league and the scouts they don’t just stick to Division I, they go everywhere looking for talent,” Pritchett said. “The biggest thing for me is would I have a fair opportunity to come in as a freshman and compete or win a starting job. So I can possibly junior year leave or finish up early and leave for the league.”

Chad Morris is an offensive mastermind, but Pritchett doesn’t know too much about SMU’s new coach.

“I know he can coach some offense. That’s about it. I’m looking forward to getting to talk to him a little more,” Pritchett said.

Pritchett wants to visit North Carolina and Florida to name a couple schools this spring, but wants to pick schools that, “don’t play games with you.”

Even though Pritchett is right by Auburn and Alabama, he doesn’t see himself considering the two powerhouses because of the depth chart at both schools.

“There’s really no purpose going somewhere I have seven or eight guys in front of me versus a school I have three or four or two,” Pritchett said. “I’d rather go somewhere that really wants me and somewhere that I can get developed as a player and give me a fair opportunity to come in and play.”

Pritchett doesn’t have a timetable on a decision and has offers from the likes of Arizona, Florida, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Mississippi State, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tulane in addition to SMU.

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