Upon Further Review: ECU

Demo breaks down SMU's win in the quarterfinals of the AAC tournament over ECU!

What up homies? Scott and I are in Hartford watching SMU kill it in the conference tournament.

It’s been a blast so far, and it’s even more enjoyable now that we have a quarterfinals win under our belts.

Friday I realized that if I were another team, I’d try to hit as many threes as I possibly could. That is what I would work on all week and it appears that’s what ECU did too.

There three-point shooting was insane on Friday, as the Pirates hit 15 three pointers.

If it weren’t for the outrageous amount of threes, SMU probably wouldn’t have had any trouble with ECU.

The Mustangs were dominant in almost every other meaningful facet of the game. SMU out rebounded ECU 34-27 and outrebounded the Pirates 44-16. That led to 17 second chance points. I had the opportunity of watching the first half and part of the second half while sitting next to Josh Pastner. We talked a little bit and his love and respect of Nic Moore was very clear.

At one point, Nic dove for a loose ball and somehow got it to Sterling Brown for a dunk and Pastner thumped me on the shoulder and said, “That’s what players of the year do.”

You’re dang right that’s what they do.

A year ago, Nic wet his pants against Houston in the conference tournament- so did the rest of the team. But Friday, Nic was 100 percent dialed in.

The junior guard finished with 20 points and really provided the energy that helped the Mustang secure their first conference win since 2006.

And to continue with this year motif (that’s right I said motif, son) Markus took a blow to the head and left the game momentarily, but returned to the game and was his usual chest thumping self.

Kennedy finished with 15 points off the bench but once again brought toughness to the game and was the back bone of the team. That’s what he is- the backbone.

He’s been coming off the bench all season, since he came back, and it’s been working superbly.

On Friday, SMU was falling behind ECU because of their three-point shooting, but once Kennedy came into the game the tone changed and it was much more competitive.

For a moment it felt like SMU was going to shrivel up at the sight of adversity, but they battled through it- just like they have all year long. That, my friends, is the difference between last year’s iteration of SMU and this year.

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