Manvel RB calls SMU visit "better than TCU"

Billy talked with 2016 running back D'Vaughn Pennamon about his SMU junior day visit that got rave reviews!

Six months ago, there’s no way SMU fans would have imagined this review coming from a recruit following visits to TCU and SMU.

“I feel like SMU’s junior day was a little bit better.”

2016 Manvel running back D’Vaughn Pennamon visited SMU and TCU on the same day and liked everything he saw at SMU.

“I got to see the campus and we talked about classes and all of that. It kind of really caught my attention.”

Pennamon still called the TCU visit, “really good” and he got to speak with Head Coach Gary Patterson, but SMU is sitting high right now on his list.

“I like the school a lot and they have the academics, they have my major and I like the coaching staff,” Pennamon said. “I’m trying to get up there for the spring game.”

Pennamon described the SMU visit as laid back even with the young coaching staff SMU has in place.

“It was really fun. It was kind of chill, laid back,” Pennamon said. “It was cool. We got to talk about a lot of stuff. We touched on different points.”

SMU Head Coach Chad Morris got to speak with Pennamon, who has a good relationship with Morris from meeting him at Clemson.

“He was just talking about how he liked me because when he was at Clemson and I had went to visit, I got a chance to meet him so we already knew each other,” Pennamon said. “We were just catching up. I was talking to him about how he liked SMU and all of that. He loves it. When he got a chance to come down here, he was glad to be back.”

Pennamon described his relationship with the rest of the staff as really good. His favorite part of the visit was the uniforms.

“Definitely the facilities and the uniforms and the helmets. I loved it all,” Pennamon said. “It was pretty good. I love the black the uniforms myself because I’ve always wanted a black uniform for our team. It was awesome.”

All the facilities on SMU’s campus caught his eye as well.

“The recreational center was really good. The dorms were great. I like how the dorms were set up,” Pennamon said.

Pennamon isn’t close to committing at this time, but he’s going to take time in the future to work on his list of top schools.

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