Eisworth competes out at The Opening

South Grand Prairie athlete Greg Eisworth went out to The Opening this weekend and talked about competing and his recruitment.

South Grand Prairie athlete Greg Eisworth may be the signal caller for his team, but at The Opening on Sunday, he was all about working on where he’s being recruited.

Most schools are recruiting Eisworth as a free safety or wide receiver, but Eisworth focused on his defensive back technique at the Nike camp.

“I’m an athlete and I play multiple positions, but I really want to focus on my technique as a DB,” Eisworth said. “DB is what I want to play, but I’d like to work in some punt return, kick return and receiver stuff.”

Eisworth admits it’s tough to play quarterback knowing at the next level he’ll be a quarterback’s nightmare.

“It keeps me on the right track because I’ve got to prepare as a quarterback for my school, but I’ve also go to prepare as a DB at the next level,” Eisworth said. “It keeps me on the right track and pushing me.”

At The Opening, Esiworth relished the chance to compete and take little tidbits away from the staff.

“Just experience and the wisdom that they have. I’m mainly out here to just get better,” Eisworth said. “Don’t let them catch anything on me. Just show out there that I can compete with them as well.”

“To me it’s like we’re in pads. That stuff won’t matter to me. We’re on the big stage so I’m going to let it all out. I’m not going to worry about pads and things like that.”

Recently, Eisworth got up to SMU for junior day and the staff was all over him.

“It was nice. I really like their coaching staff and how they’re interactive with the kids,” Eisworth said. “Coach Morris pretty much followed me around anywhere we went so it was a nice experience.”

Eisworth talks with SMU Linebackers Coach Archie McDaniel the most on Twitter and the pair talk about everything.

“Like a friend almost. A lot of hey how ya doing, what have you been up to? How’s your family and stuff like that. Just friendship.”

His coaching staff at the next level will have to develop Eisworth on and off the field.

“Something that will get the best out of me. A coaching staff that loves there kids and isn’t just like oh we’re here for football,” Eisworth said. “They want me to become a better man because it’s not just all about football.”

As for a timeline for a decision, Eisworth doesn’t have one at the moment.

“Not right now. I’m just weighing my options and stuff like that,” Eisworth said.

Eisworth has visited Baylor and Oklahoma recently. In mid-April, Eisworth plans on visiting Ole Miss for their spring game.

Other schools are sure to jump in to Eisworth’s recruitment, but he’s going to keep taking the recruiting process the same way he has all along.

“I’ve been thinking about that. I’m just going to continue doing it how I’ve been doing it,” Eisworth said. Just looking at schools and comparing them and letting them flow in. That’s what I don’t want to set a date as to when I’m going to decide because something else could come in.”

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