Southlake Carroll DB talks SMU, The Opening

Billy talked with Southlake Carroll DB Obi Eboh about his upcoming visits, where SMU stands and The Opening!

Southlake Carroll defensive back Obi Eboh has visited SMU for junior day in February and also came up to just hang out with Defensive Backs Coach Jess Loepp and other coaches another weekend.

The best thing about the new SMU coaching staff for Eboh is he’s familiar with them from their previous stops.

“It’s awesome. They’re definitely trying to get something new around there and new tradition. I love the new staff,” the four-star defensive back said. “They brought in guys from Oklahoma State and other areas from the country. It’s really good to see those guys.”

Defensive Coordinator Van Malone and Loepp had been recruiting him from their previous schools.

“When I visited, I already had a relationship with them just because they’re recruiting me from their other respective schools,” Eboh said. “It was good to meet with them and talk with them and just have their ideas about their new SMU football team.”

While on campus, Eboh toured the campus, the dorms, where the athletes stay and the Cox School, but it was the feel of the campus that caught his eye.

“Just the overall campus. Not just the athletic facilities, but the way the campus is beautiful,” Eboh said. “Students are walking around and everyone is friendly. That’s the most impressive thing I thought about it.”

As for the coaching staff’s message to Eboh, come join the new era.

“Just how they’re trying to change from what they had previously and how they would implement that system.”

With schools like Duke, Texas Tech, Missouri, Washington and Stanford, where Eboh will visit this month, pushing the hardest along with SMU, some wouldn’t think SMU would have a shot. Eboh says otherwise.

“Very much because not only are they trying to build a new prestigious football team, but they’re good academically,” Eboh said. “What I’m interested in is to do business and the Cox School of Business at SMU is one of the best in the country. So that’s what I’m definitely interested in them.”

Eboh is looking for the right fit in the business schools, looking at undergraduate and graduate.

“I’ve got to see how prestigious that school is. Every school has great professors and things like that,” Texas’ fourth ranked defensive back said. “Academically, I know Stanford and those kind of like Ivy League schools have great programs. I’m going to weed out where I fit with those business programs.”

The No. 196 ranked player in the country expects to be on SMU’s campus for a couple spring practices as well.

“It’s right in my backyard so it’s easy to get to. No trouble, no plane tickets so that’s where I’m probably going to be headed to this spring.”

The plus for Eboh about SMU is that it’s easy for his parents to visit to watch his games, although distance isn’t a deciding factor for him.

At The Opening this weekend, Eboh was one of the top performers and had the mindset of playing against the best.

“I just want to compete against these really great athletes because everyone is good,” the 6-2, 185-pound defensive back said. “There’s top end talent everywhere so I just want to see how I compete against all these top wide receiver and DB prospects.”

With so much talent, some players get caught in the pressure trying to hard and losing technique. Eboh says it’s all about sticking with what you do best.

“It’s always competitive, but you’ve got to go into everything with the same mindset. You can’t really change who you are just because there’s a certain event so I’m just going to be me out there and do what I do and try and compete.”

As for his timeline, when it clicks for Eboh, he’ll make his decision to commit.

“When it fits, it fits. I’m not going to try and rush it or set a date. I’m just going to try and get out to everywhere and make sure every school gets a fair chance to see where I fit.”

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