Upon Further Review: UCLA

Demo's last Upon Further Review talks about SMU's heartbreaking loss yesterday to UCLA.

It’s not every day that this happens, but I am at loss for words. Of all the losses I have witnessed, this was one of the most gut wrenching.

As members of the media we must try to stay as neutral as possible- but as a student and as a general fan…man, did this one hurt.

I do my best to bring a more casual style to my work because authenticity is important and if I didn’t show you all that I cared it wouldn’t really be me talking to you.

I am a fan just like you. I just happen to have a job that lets me cover a team closer than most fans.

I’ve always taken losses really hard, and this is no different. It was really hard getting back to work after the clock hit zero.

When Markus hit the floor, I did too. When Yanick broke down in the press conference I did too.

I mean what is there to take away from this loss? All season long SMU has allowed one player from the opposing team to go off. Usually they let them do that with the three ball- today was nothing different.

They always get off to slow starts- they did that too. Finally, everything they were doing wrong all season caught up to them. It’s that old adage about never getting comfortable- I think they got comfortable.

When we were in Hartford, I said it was okay that their weakness was their three-point defense. The only problems with the whole “live by the sword, die by the sword” mentality is that you can do a lot of damage with that sword before you die.

UCLA didn’t necessarily lean on Alford to make all those threes, but he made them anyway.

I got the chance to talk to lots of the players after the game and each interview was incredibly hard. And the consensus from them was that one play doesn’t win or lose a game- of course that’s what they said.

And unfortunately, whether it was the right call or not, people are going to remember this game for the goaltend.

The outcome saddens me on several levels. One of them being that this is the last UFR I’ll write for the foreseeable future.

It has been an incredible privilege being able to cover this team the way I did this semester. So, I’d like to take this as an opportunity to thank all you subscribers. It is you all that constantly drove me to want to put out a good product and put in the long hours. Having an active and engaged audience is the most useful tool for a writer. So I thank you all for providing all of us at Pony Stampede with that.

I also want to thank the rest of the staff. We all have (basically) known each other since we were freshman, but it wasn’t until I started working with you all that I felt I really knew you. And I’m glad that I do.

And of course I have to thank Billy. When I first started in journalism I was a sophomore and was a writer on the Daily Campus staff with him. After a semester I became the Sports Editor for the paper, but only because Billy didn’t want it. Because of that I received so much experience early on and was afforded more opportunities than any other sophomore could possibly want. Then when I was burning out, Billy offered me an intern position for the summer that would have me covering the football team during two-a-days.

We never really talked about keeping me on as a staffer, it just kind of happened and I am beyond glad that it did. I’ve learned a lot working for you, Billy, and I have learned a lot being on this staff. I am beyond thankful for the role you gave me here.

Who knows what the future holds? I may be back when leaves start to fall and helmets can be heard cracking over the low hum of mockingbird traffic.

All I know is that this won’t be the last thing you read on this site from me. Until I see you again, Stay classy Mustangs.

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