Michigan big man meets Larry Brown

John Glenn (MI) center Mike Edwards met Larry Brown on Monday and talked about how he'd fit at SMU!

John Glenn (MI) big man Mike Edwards recently picked up an SMU offer and Larry Brown and assistant coach KT Turner visited Edwards Monday before the NCAA dead period began.

Edwards was impressed with the Hall of Fame head coach, who sold him on his role in the program.

“He talked to me about how I can fit in with the program and just told me what he was impressed with,” Edwards said. “My ability to run the floor well for a big and I’m quick and that was pretty much the main things.”

The only coach to win an NCAA and NBA championship raised the eyebrows of Edwards.

“I thought he was pretty interesting. He’s Larry Brown,” the 6-10, 212-pound center said. “He has history and he’s very smart and he was cool.”

Brown and Turner told Edwards how he can get himself to the next level as he continues to develop.

“They said the best way to get to the next level after college is box out, crash the boards, run the floor and finish at the basket,” Edwards said. “Those are the main things you need to do and have a good effort while doing it all.”

Edwards got some pretty high praise from Brown, who likes Edwards’ chances to develop into a solid player.

“He said the one main thing is that I have a chance to play in the league because of my athleticism as a big and that stands out.”

Edwards visited Georgia this past weekend and liked it, but now has to turn his attention to scheduling visits, which he says he really hasn’t gotten to yet.

The other schools in the mix include Nebraska, Marquette, UMass, Kansas State, Arkansas, Auburn and Pittsburgh. The difficult thing will be scheduling his other three official visits during the five days of recruiting time in April.

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