Lee talks SMU offer, recruitment

Hatts talked with 2016 Hightower offensive lineman Darta Lee about his SMU offer and his recruitment!

2016 Hightower HS (Tex.) offensive guard Darta Lee picked up an offer from SMU last week, which was his fourth so far.

“It’s a huge honor, they were the third to offer me, you know it came as a surprise, I had talked to them a couple days before and was supposed to go to their junior day but wasn’t able to make it,” Lee said, “You know coach called me and said he wanted to talk to me, and he told me he wanted me to come up there so he could meet me in person and you know it ended up being an offer which was a huge blessing for me.”

Lee is hoping to meet the coaching staff in person soon, something that is extremely important to him to put name to face with those on the staff

“I’m going to trying to get up there soon, there are a couple places in Texas I need to head to so they will most definitely be on the list,” Lee said.

While Lee has not met anyone on the staff and would really like to, there is already one member of the coaching staff he shares a special bond with, including receiving a special note from him on Easter.

“I haven’t really had the chance to meet any one of them in person, that’s something that I’m big on, I want to meet you in person, so I can get to talk to you and put a name with a face,” Lee said, “It was coach Van Malone who actually offered me and came to me and called me, which we’ve been talking a little bit here and there, you know he asked me about my grades and stuff and hit me up for Easter, me and him are closest on the coaching staff right now.”

To have a coach reach out to him on Easter was something that meant a lot to Lee and showed him a lot more about the type of person that coach Van Malone is.

“It means a lot to take time out of your day and to take time out of spending time with your family to say ‘have a good Easter, I hope everything goes well and enjoy your day,’” Lee said, “To take time out of his special day to DM that, it’s pretty special.”

The 6-3, 294-pound Hightower offensive lineman also has a very good relationship with another lineman that holds an SMU offer Jack Anderson.

“The recruiting process is a fun filled period and players like Jack Anderson he’s getting looked at, I’m getting looked at, we talk about different colleges, the pros and the cons, and whether we want to go to the same college together, so trying to get us to commit to that college and it’s always going to be interesting it’s fun to see where we all end up at,” Lee said.

Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech and Grambling State have all offered Lee, but it seems Texas Tech will pose the biggest threat to SMU down the road.

“Well they’re my first Big 12 offer and my first offer in Texas so when I got that offer my parents were excited like ‘hey you get a chance to play football in Texas’ and then SMU offered,” Lee said, “Any opportunity I have to play football at the next level is pretty exciting and I’m truly blessed to receive both those offers and the other offers I have too, it’s pretty exciting.

While Lee waits for more offers to come in, he is continuing to improve his game especially in his downfield blocking, as he gets ready for his senior year.

“I need to work on bending, I’m a 6-3 and a half and I play high, I’m trying to work on staying low and getting to the second level or even the third level,” Lee said, “I’d like to put a tape on my highlight where I’m driving the safety down the field 30 yards or I’m getting to a cornerback, just the little things to help me stand out on the field.”

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