Allen recaps SMU junior day visit

Hatts talked with 2016 Paris quarterback Demonquez Allen, who talked about his SMU visit and impressions of the coaching staff.

SMU had numerous visitors on the Hilltop this past weekend for one of their final practices of the spring; one of those in attendance was 2016 Paris HS (Tex.) quarterback Demonquez Allen.

“It was good, I liked it, I liked the energy that they had,” Allen said before also complementing the coaching staff, “I got to talk to all of them, I like them, I think they’re going to turn things around at SMU.”

One of the most impressive aspects for "Quez" is how fair coach Chad Morris is with all of the players, giving each an opportunity to earn playing time.

“He said everybody has to compete for their positions, I like it because it means he doesn’t just have one favorite but he can let people battle for positions,” Allen said.

Not only was Allen impressed with the coaching staff, like many, he also loved the offense that SMU ran because of its similarity to his high school offense.

“I liked it because I run a similar type of offense, like up tempo, fast plays and stuff, I liked it, it was a lot of fun,” Allen said.

Despite the plan to redo the training facilities in the coming years, the 6-3, 212-pound quarterback was also impressed with the current facilities at SMU and what they could be like in the future.

“It’s pretty cool for me but they are redoing things like the weight room and stuff like that, it’s cool liked it,” Allen said.

Allen also lives just under two hours away from SMU, which is an ideal distance for the Paris QB heading forward. Allen would like to stay closer to home in order to have his family be able to attend most of his games.

“It’s really important to me because it means that I have family that can come and watch games and stuff and it’s nice to have somebody there,” Allen said.

SMU is the only school to have offered Allen so far but he did say Duke, Kansas and Memphis were planning to visit him in the coming weeks.

It won’t be long before Allen is back on the SMU campus, however, as he is planning to come back up for the spring game. Despite being here for the second week in a row, Allen says he already has a pretty good idea of the program and what he sees in SMU.

“I plan on going down there this Saturday for their spring game,” Allen said, “Nothing really I expect it to be fine, I feel the coach is going to be the coach, I don’t really have nothing to look for.”

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