Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down SMU prospects: quarterback David Moore, athlete Anthony Hawkins and running back Craig Williams in his scouting reports.

David Moore

2016 QB, Milton HS (Alpharetta, Ga.)

MOBILITY: Moore is a little on the scrawny side, but his speed and athleticism allow him to avoid the big hits and escape the pocket untouched. He also does a nice job of keeping his eyes down field even once he’s outside of the pocket. His agility and speed allow him to avoid almost all pressure that he faces in the pocket, which makes him a dangerous runner.

POCKET PRESENCE: While Moore can run, he looks to pass first and stand nicely in the pocket. He does a nice job of sensing where the pressure is coming from and either taking off up the field or rolling and finding the open receiver. Moore does however get a little careless when he throws under pressure, sometimes leaving his balls short and up for grabs. When he’s given the time to throw, however, he does a nice job of stepping into his throws and delivering a hard-thrown spiral.

ARM STRENGTH/ACCURACY: Moore has a strong arm and shows it off throughout his highlight tape. While his receivers may not always come down with the ball, Moore’s strong arm allows him to throw into traffic and deliver a fairly accurate pass. He also has a quick release, but he does tend to get sloppy with his footwork, throwing off of his back foot too much. Overall, Moore’s accuracy really only comes into question when facing defensive pressure, but his decision-making is something he’ll need to continue to work on.

OFFERS: SMU, Illinois, Marshall, Houston, Oregon State, Wake Forest, Colorado State, Toledo, Temple, Southern Mississippi, South Alabama and Ohio.
HT: 6-1
WT: 174 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.55 seconds (unofficial)

David Moore Highlights

Anthony Hawkins

2016 ATH, Bowie HS (Arlington, Tex.)

ATHLETICISM: Hawkins does a nice job of showing off his athleticism with his ability to maneuver through traffic and his overall speed. Hawkins is a big playmaker, and has the ability to break off big chunks of yardage, especially when he’s given the ball on a fly-sweep. After the catch, Hawkins uses his quick feet to stop on a dime and make cuts reversing around the defense. Hawkins does everything for Bowie, and it’s no surprise given his ability to run inside or outside, while also showing off his ability to catch passes in the flats or down field.

ROUTE-RUNNING: Most of Hawkins’ catches are within 20 yards, so you don’t see him down field very often, but overall, his quick feet and reaction time allow him to get open and run crisp routes. He runs hard on all of his routes and does a nice job of catching the ball in stride.

HANDS: Overall, you won’t see Hawkins drop very many passes. He does a nice job of locating the ball once it’s on the air, and he rarely catches with his body, which is why you don’t see him drop the ball very often. Hawkins also does a nice job of adjusting to his quarterback’s throws, which are somewhat all over the place in Hawkins’ film. The rising senior also does a nice job of concentrating on the ball through traffic, and doesn’t shy away from a little contact.

OFFERS: SMU, Texas State and Arkansas State.
HT: 5-11
WT: 180 pounds

Anthony Hawkins Highlights

Craig Williams

2018 RB, Crosby HS (Crosby, Tex.)

SPEED AND AGILITY: Williams shows very good speed, especially when getting to the edge and turning the ball up field. He’s most dangerous on outside runs because of his speed and agility, and on numerous occasions flat-out out ran the defense. The freshman also has the quick feet and athleticism to bust a run up the middle, find the hole, and take it to the endzone. Williams also does a good job of getting past the defensive front quickly and simply outrunning the linebackers and secondary. Williams is also a dangerous pass catcher out of the backfield because of his athleticism and balance, and shows good hand-eye coordination when catching passes on the run.

VISION: Williams, despite being just a freshman, runs like a seasoned veteran. One of his best attributes, when running outside, is his ability to square his hips up and get going north and south instead of east and west. Williams uses his exceptional vision to find the opening, but his quick feet and reaction time allow him to stop on a dime and switch directions, making defenders miss.

Tenacity: Even with his small stature, Williams isn’t afraid to run through traffic to break a big run. When in traffic, Williams does a great job of shaking off and running through arm tackles, which is surprising with his weight. Another one Williams’ best attributes is his ability to finish runs. You never see him concede to the defense while running, and his athleticism and speed help him keep his feet churning.

HT: 5-9
WT: 160 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.55 seconds (unofficial)

Craig Williams Highlights

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