Rambo talks SMU offer, interest

2017 Woodrow Wilson wide receiver Charleston Rambo grabbed an SMU offer last night and talked with Billy about it!

2017 Woodrow Wilson wide receiver Charleston Rambo took in an SMU practice a couple weeks ago and before he knew it, had an offer too.

“I was at my track meet. I had run my 4x200, which we came in first place in district,” Rambo said. “When I came off, my coach in the stands told me I needed to call SMU’s coach. I called coach Mathis and he said he was offering me a full ride.”

Running backs coach Claude Mathis shared the good news quickly with the receiver.

“He was surprised that I had won the 4x2 and I was getting off the track and we were just talking about it. He was just straight out about it because he had to go to a meeting.”

A couple weeks ago, Rambo took in an SMU practice and enjoyed the speed the offense moved with.

“I liked how the speed was and everyone was moving fast. It was all tempo, tempo, tempo,” the 6-1, 160-pound receiver said. “I just like the fast pace. I had never been in an environment like that. The plays they ran were just fast.”

Receivers coach Justin Stepp took the time to stop and visit with Rambo as well.

“I talked to him after practice and we got a picture,” Rambo said. “I think he’s a good receivers coach. He was everywhere coaching people up and stuff.”

Rambo hadn’t had too much interest from SMU before the offer, but had constantly gone up to visit with Dallas First Baptist wide receiver Camron Williams, who has an SMU offer.

“I haven’t talked to him (Stepp) that much. My friend that I train with is getting recruited by him. I was always up there with him,” Rambo said.

With the new staff and especially Mathis coming in, Rambo expects SMU to see an influx of DFW talent.

“It’s going to be more local guys at SMU and a better program because of it,” Rambo said.

Rambo is still waiting for that full tour of the campus and facilities, but has seen the stadium. On his visit to SMU’s spring game, Rambo wants to get some more info on the educational programs SMU offers.

“I want to see what programs they have in education. I’m not sure yet on what I want to major in, but I just want to see,” Rambo said.

Rambo describes himself as a playmaker and is fast for his size. He’s been working on his craft this spring.

“My routes are crisp and smooth. I’m fluid out of the break and I can drop my hips and get up to speed,” Rambo said.

Kansas and Arizona State have also offered and all three schools got a plus for getting in early.

“I like the fact that they offered me early and I’ll keep that in mind. I just like it.”

Rambo had 33 catches for 722 yards and 11 touchdowns in his sophomore season.

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